Sea-Doo Spark Audio Kit

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

Make your Spark spark and shine with a new audio kit. Spark, spark, spark, and shine, shine, shine!

Amazon’s got TONS of others you ought to take a look through. But I, IN PARTICULAR, like to look at and talk about this one — Sea-Doo New OEM Spark Audio Kit, 295100797-1: Automotive

I do not know why but it just seems to do it for me…. and it seems to be able to provide every single little thing that I need for my audio when I’m out and about on my Sea – Doo Spark. It was well worth the $840 that I paid at the time for it, to have it shipped over to me asap ( although, now, if you look at the link, you will notice that its price has dropped itself faster than a plane running out of fuel, he heh, which is pretty fast….. the price is now apparently barely under $700, which to me, is a solid deal…. so take it if you can ) . You can even get a 3 – yr ( $65 ) or even 4 – yr ( $80 ) protection accessory plan it, which gives you full coverage and takes it under its wing. Whenever you need to replace it, repair it, etc., you can be covered. Just order it through that same Amazon link, and click on the bottom right, just under the main product and its cost, to add such insurance if you want to. Being insured never felt so good, I might add ; I got the 4 – yr plan myself and am rockin’ away, with nothing less than full peace of mind and a happy state of living. He heh.

You get 50 watts of solid audio power with this, not to even mention blue – tooth ( yes, it can be easily enabled and go with you wherever you go, he he he heh ). And not only that, but also, take to heart that you can even get a full day of autonomy, up to 24 consecutive hours, to be more specific, through its in – built lithium battery ( which, yes, does so happen to be re – chargeable, as I know you were dying to ask, he heh ) . And what else can I tell you about this audio kit, my friends?

Well, how about that it only weighs 9.9 pounds and measures at ‎18 x 18 x 10 inches in full dimensions? How about that it also rates at nearly 5 stars and is one of the most popular? All this should be reason to look into it… I dare you to make a buy! Buy right now. And if you’re searching for it by OEM part number, type in ‎295100797. That ought to help. Last but not least, get the add – ons that Amazon sells for it, too. Just search for them in the search box.

Make every second count!