Sea-Doo Spark Wont Start

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

I have been right where you are at, literally speaking, folks, if your Spark fails to start ( for X, Y or Z reasons, and there are many they could be, he he he heh ) . So before you throw in the towel and say, “Screw this”, let me tell you to hang on and read on…

So, if the issue happens to be that the darn jet ski will at least TURN OVER but just not start itself after that, then you are, 9 / 10 times, looking at one of the following issues ( but which one is it? Hmm ) :

IF, on the other hand, the thing WON’T turn over, either, then you may have another problem……

The starter might be faulty so START ( he heh ) by looking at the STARTER. If you don’t know how to do this, or are not a pro, I give you two choices —- learn online, or ask a pro to take a look. Maybe you have a friend in the jet ski repair business, as I do, and are lucky in that respect. They can at least take off labor costs, if they’re a true buddy, he heh.

Or it may not be the starter but something else, like the ECM on it, a part of the computer that keeps the whole enchilada operational! I said enchilada. Now I’m hungry.

But seriously, if the ECM is messed – up, you’re going to have all kinds of issues, some of them even being electrical, all of which affect, in turn, the start – up. They can mess with the timing of when you jet ski turns on, or fails to, in this case…. even affecting how long it’s off for. All in all, this little issue goes back to an issue of re – programming and re – booting, and in most cases, only a trained / certified pro can do this for ya’ and without causing further issues. So have them take a look.

You might also look at the battery, in this case, too. Much like with a car, for instance, the battery DOES need to be changed at certain intervals. Did you get a good quality one in there?