Sea-Doo Spark Hull Replacement

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you happen to get some hull damage in, just know that it is not the end of the world ( or is it? He heh… just kidding, wanted to keep your attention ) . Few people ever seem to care enough about their Spark, these days, to actually notice hull damage on it and actually do something about it. SO THE FACT THAT you are coming to me here, your trust – worthy online guide and friend, Efrain the Man ( now I’m bragging, ha ha ha hah ) , to inquire and read on a hull replacement for your Spark sure tells me that you are truly invested…. and give at least a care about the quality and life of your Spark. So let us get going with some facts! I will throw them your way, like a crazy ninja with his dart – stars ( well, I at least promise not to hit you in the face and take an eye out or anything, he he he heh ) …..

So first of all, and I like to lay the truth out there for all to hear, or read, in this, you should be made aware : The labor and parts are not, in any way, shape or form, usually CHEAP. They cost good. And experts who can do this work will quote you the most they can, as has been my experience ( as well as the experiences of some friends of mine, too —- so take our word of caution for it ) . Keep in mind that, with the hull, of course, you have both the top deck sort of area…. and you also have the bottom hull, naturally. Now, to replace one, to replace the other, or to replace both? That is the question. Hopefully, you can save up some money and be prepared for whatever cost they decide to quote you at ( and if needed, jump ship and keep looking…. some places, of course, are cheaper than others and can match a prior quote given, so just ask around and do not lose your head in despair ) .

I went to one expert, for instance, who told me that the hull on my Spark was so dang beaten up and over – used past that point, that he could no longer try to save it ; he gave me, as a matter of fact, a quote – cost on a new one, which ended up being $1760 ( but just a little more than that, in total, all in all, if I had but known to factor in sales tax cost percentages on such a high – priced part….. good thing for you to remember, for next time, silly Efrain ) .

To replace the top portions, I was quoted at about $1100. The top could wait, though. It was not as urgent as the bottom, at the moment. Still, that was a costly replacement.