Crossfire Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

A go kart is only as good as its steering wheel or the type of chain that you get included with it, of course… not to mention its gas tank capacities, its in - built horsepower, its rubber traction wheels, and so much else. If you can manage to get all those right pieces to work for ya, and keep them updated and tuned up nicely, then you will have a hell of a master go kart at your service. And speaking of which, it seems that Crossfire, a brand that sells go karts, is all about that…. and a step ahead of you and me both, friend! They have got a nice array, and you can select right from their web site and even see some shots of them in action. How cool is that, now?

When I last checked their site, they said they had 2 go karts available online and for sale…. but not just any 2. These are special - class ones, you could say. They were the Blazer 200 R and the go kart 100, simple yet powerful names and go karts, all in all. Let me start by talking about the go kart 100, now….

This one is selling for about $1569 usually, at least when I last checked just a few days ago. It’s a red and black go kart, very nice in its bad - ass colors sort of look. And it is made to seat a single rider. So keep that in mind, too. And with its red and black colors, it gives off that ‘solo rider’ feel anyways, so this is all good. It includes its own safety belt for the rider, as they all ought to do, he he heh, not to mention a roller bar that is easy to grab / grasp as needed, usually when mounting or un - mounting the go kart, of course.

You get a four - stroke type of engine on this sucker, not to mention one that’s 100 CC. Cool. Keep in mind that, through this seller ( Crossfire ) , assembly and freight will always cost you some extra here. Those charges can come on separately, outside of the retail price I showed you. You can get 25 km per hour as the max speed, so not bad. Now let me talk about the other go kart that was listed on the Crossfire website as well….

The other, the Blazer 200 R, was selling for $2965 ( without those other costs I mentioned, of course…. always remember that ) . It comes in four colors mixed together, he he heh —- red, white, green and blue. And it moves 20 km per hour faster than the other one ( so 45 km / hr total ) . And it comes with its own head - lights, LED, not to mention. So you can light things up as you ride, and do it in style, now!