Ski-Doo Used Parts

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

When I try to get parts, I try to get used ones, which is what I like, since I can save money anyways if the product’s still well – taken care of and not in awful shape, all in all…. he he he heh heh. It’s not a bad mentality to have, used – into – new as some call it. I mean, I am someone who knows how to work with used parts, for the most PART ( he heh… like what I did with that wording? I am known to be funny from time to time ) . Some I can even fix into newer parts and make to work again…. others I can salvage and use for something else. I mean, all in all, my philosophy is that anything can be good for something, even if you might think that it’s the most useless piece of material in the world and serves no purpose. You would be shocked to find what just a little bit of Google researching and some brain power can do for you — I myself have learned dozens of ‘life hacks’ for finding and making used Ski – Doo parts and accessories by just spending hours on the internet. It has been worth my time…. I can’t say the same for everyone else.

Anyways, to get used parts for a Ski – Doo, one of the best places you can look, in general, is eBay. Amazon also does it. “used Ski – Doo parts”, copy and paste that in ( without the quotes around them, he heh ) and you should find dozens of listings, just as I have. Now I like to go to Craigslist first, as you might have already known, but if I can’t find the parts I need there, I go to these 2 sites next. And 90 % of the time, these 2 sites DO have them, and they list buyer reviews. These are honest and well – detailed, in most cases. There have been a few whacko buyers on a mad rant, of course, just as there is anywhere…. yet the customer is entitled to their opinion, and all we can do is publicly respect it and move on.

Now I have bought a few used Ski – Doo ‘refurbished’ parts and can say they are not bad…. even better than how I thought they’d turn out. Some are still on my Ski – Doo to this very day, which speaks to their quality make. They are solid. These I got from eBay, mostly, though I HAVE picked out a couple off of Amazon as well, which were not too shabby either. EBay, though, lets you bid on used parts at an auction and everything…. so there’s a chance you can walk away with that used part for cheaper than you would have if it were a regular, fixed – priced list item. So if you can negotiate pretty well, then you might have a shot at this.