Does Costco Do Oil Changes

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

You, like me, love going to places where you can buy lots of stuff in bulk amounts and save tons of money at the same time. I can feel it. I can see it in your eyes, friend ( and yes, with my mystical powers, I can see you right through that computer screen you are staring into right now as you read this, mweh he he he he he heh …. kidding, of course, but that’d be cool if I could, right? ) . I can see that you love going to places like Walmart Super Store, Sam’s Club ( which so happens to be owned by the very same owner, by the way, in case you did not know that, he heh heh ) , Target / Super Target, Pro Super Retailers, and of course , Costco. Now, of course, if you ( like many others with large families and mouths to feed, he heh ) like to do all your different things in one store ( like get your eyes checked out at the pharmacy, buy all your produce and clothing, other entertainment products, buy some hot lunch served fresh right there, save on jewelry, buy all the toilet paper your business needs, get your tires rotated and checked, and so much else ) , then Costco is typically your best bet. As is Sam’s Club. Plus, with a yearly membership, you save tons ; and the higher amounts you buy, the more your savings and member coupons can add up. So everyone wins.

Now the question many, as of late, have been asking, is this : Can you get your car’s oil changed there as well? Well, truth be told, it seems you can not anymore ( yes, there was, as a matter of fact, a good ol’ time in which you could do so, at certain locations when the prices, of course, were still well more than reasonable, back in the day ) . They do sell different kinds of auto engine – oil, as well as several auto add – on accessories and parts. They just don’t do the oil – changing services anymore. No location does it now. The thing that remains a mystery, on another note, is just exactly what year that these services stopped ; or anyone who remembers seems to be in disagreement with others about it ( some said it was at the start of Covid – 19, others said it was way before then, some said it was right in 2011, etc, etc, etc …. ) ….

Now, then, the thing to consider here is this : Not much was disclosed to the public eye, either, in terms of why these services ceased to be. If anyone were to venture a good guess ( any guess would be as good as another’s ) , perhaps it was due to the fact that the Costco Tire Centers got some really “mixed” reputations over the years.