Is An Impeller The Same As A Water Pump?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

The impeller and the water pump really go hand - in - hand. Let me put it that way. One needs the other to work. The impeller is a part of the larger water pump and a vital piece to its overall larger assembly. So I hope that spills the answer in just a brief nutshell —- the pump is the full thing, and the impeller is one part of it that makes it run. How’s that? Oh, what? You’d like to know more? Well, what else can I interest you to know?

Since you’re here, stick around. I’ll fill this page with just a little bit more info. You can learn some more on how all this works, impeller, pump and all. Keep reading down….

The impeller, by the way, is not just any old part of the pump ; it is actually the central and most important one, like a brain on a head so to speak ( but I do not know how some zombies do it, without a brain, even, he he heh ) . The pump itself, as the water motor catalyst, gets cool water from somewhere….it needs it in order to keep itself cool. Too little cool water, in addition to too much action on the water, while the boat moves and gets going, results in too much heat…and the impeller needs to force or shove some rapid, cool water right in to keep the engine’s temp under control. Too high a temperature, and we can easily face all kinds of over - heating worries. In other words, your impeller moves your water right into your pump. This water goes from pump to engine or motor.

The impeller is that rubber part literally hangin out inside the pump like a coin in an arcade machine. Get the idea? And when there is an issue with the pump, in many cases, you might be able to get away with just changing out the impeller and leaving the pump alone. But in other cases, the problem festers and it is better to change the whole pump out, too ( such as when the housing gets broken beyond repair, those O - rings fall out, a gasket gets broken, etc ) . You can typically get like a $50 repair kit, which is only a one - time buy when you think of it, and it can save your neck anytime you need to make a repair. Or to just buy a new impeller, it’s not too expensive, either ; you can get a nice one decently cheap at just $35 or so.

Check your water pump every year. Check your impeller annually as well. One can not exist or be as complete without the other. Now I hope you have liked this and will always remember the difference between the two as my aim was to explain it in a way anyone can grasp. Have a wonderful rest of your day, evening, or night, friend.