Go Kart Lights

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

In the way of go kart lights, you can really —- truly and honestly, just like the very air that you breathe into your lungs, he he he heh heh — find any types of lights that can get in there and work. You have to be able to mount them, hoist them, hold them properly in place ( to not fall off when you drive the go kart, or even swivel around a little bit, he he eh heh…. but need to be very firm and strong in power and bright - ness altogether ) , and so much else. Now I personally had some power back - up lights that had a very strong charge and were charged up by solar power alone…. as a matter of fact, now that I remember them when thinking about them, they did have this small solar - panel sort of thing in the back. I would leave them in the sun for hours and days on end, and when I did go out to camp or ride a go kart for many hours at a time, I would take them with me and properly secure them, using a locking - latch tool that I had, right on to the front and back alike ( of the body of the go kart itself, here, of course ) . They would blast on and stay on, and when the evening hours would start to get just a little bit darker, they would shine brighter and brighter and brighter. They were LED and eco - saving lights all the way, through and through… at the time, I would never even think, in my right mind, to buy any other kind. Though perhaps now, in our day and age ( and with many more options to get, he he heh ) , I might consider other choices, of course. But my preference is still for something solar - powered and non - battery - operated, as well as LED, all in all.

Now I mean solar - powered and non - battery - operated simply because I like to drive my kart for hours and hours and hours, and sometimes in the open sun ( where the lights are naturally charging as I use the kart and retaining more and more energy ) and hope to not run out of “battery power” on my lights, so to speak… at least not as quickly. And to add to that, I also do not like to go out to the store just to get new batteries each and every single time. I prefer to have something that will charge itself and offer light to my kart all the time.

You can also think about adding in some Christmas lights to your go kart during the Holidays. If they are re - chargeable portable ones, you ought to be fine. Just keep them away from direct ignition sources. They are flammable. I kept mine inside my seat.