Trolley Jack

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

A trolley jack is a fun and easy – to – use piece of equipment, in most cases. Try it for yourself and see. It’s a true fact. And countless homes, not to mention business places, have one or more of them. No joke. Now, then, what can it do?

Now, then, to tell you something else you might find helpful, there are usually 2 types of car jacks and the trolley jack is just one of these 2, of course. Scissor jacks are the first kind, and they are the smallest and cheapest to find in the group, in most cases —- and they are also the most old – fashioned of the 2. The arms have to get winded up and apart, much like an old wind – up doll, you could almost say ; and you do most of the physical work here, manually, to make it all happen. Once the arms get winded the right way, then you start to see the car lift itself, little by little. It’s the scissor jacks that are lifting it, of course, and all you have to do is place them right under the main jacking point from which you wish to lift ; make sure there is plenty of room and things are balanced so the car does not get lifted up sideways or wobbling, which could be dangerous if it should dis – balance and come down on you…. same when using the trolley jack. Be uber - careful, as I like to say!

You typically wind clock – wise to lift, and then counter – clockwise to lower the car back down. With a trolley jack, as opposed to with scissor jacks, you are in a much safer place. As a matter of fact, trolley jacks are proven to be quite a bit more safe, more stable and even more quick. Most pro mechanics go with trolley jacks instead for a number of reasons. And did you happen to know that the trolley jack comes with small wheels of its own? That means it can be rolled right into place, so to speak, as long as you’ve held the handle’s end properly to turn the lever right. Put the handle in and then pump it…. make sure that, of course, your trolley jack’s cradle has properly reached its jack point, and then to later bring the car right back down, it’s just a simple and easy matter of only taking out the handle and then moving that little lever to the left now, this time. Remember to do it steadily and not all rapidly, taking your time and watching with your own eyes as the car comes back down, to ensure it does so smoothly and with no rapid, jerking motions…. making sure it does not dis – balance or fall of the jack either, as you do so. Remember to take your time and do it right. Have fun at it!