7 Best Jet Ski Lifejackets

Author : Efrain S.

My kids and I can tend to watch movies over and over ( YES, AND OVER!!! He heh heh ) again, one of them being Freaky Friday and those hilariously filmed, epic jet ski scenes. He heh. Walt Disney is one of the best when it comes to family comedies. And the reason I even bring that up is because of the fact that we love to jet ski, but more than that, we love to jet ski SAFELY. And every time we see movies with crazy accidents or mishaps or even just wild, funny scenes, involving jet skiing, we always remember that you can never be anything too safe…. or really put up a price tag on safety. Nope. Safety comes first and it can never be over – stressed. Point made! And I know my kids will feel the way I do, one of these days, but that is a whole nother battle, ha hah….

Now, then, one of the BEST safety items you can get when jet skiing, is, of course, a life - jacket. So with that point carefully brought into the back of your mind, let me know share with you what I actually think are 7 of the best products to meet this safety need perfectly. Call them “Efrain’s top 7” or something like that, if you want to. And with that, let me share….