Oil Breathers

By: Your One and Only Online Auto ( & Airplane ) Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Oil breathers? What in the heck are those? Well, I will tell all… all I ask is your time, for the next few minutes…. read forward, guys….

Oil breathers, as a matter of fact, really are important, and let me tell you just a bit why ; you ever noticed some oil running down loosely, down the sides of your car? Well, if so, do not panic. Actually, do panic. Read this page first, he heh, and I will tell you what this is that is going on here.

In fact, if this happened on your car, you would rightly be worried. But what about such oil streaking right down, all the way under your PLANE’S engine? Yup. This issue happens with planes, too. And as such, you ought to be concerned all the more, and I will tell you what is going on, just as I promised to do…. so relax and read….

The oil breather is what it comes back to, 90 % of the time. Every reciprocating plane engine, for example, you will find, has an oil breather that was installed for it. Installed on it, I ought to say. This breather basically stops the pressure from building up, as it ought not to ever do. And it builds up in the areas of the crank – case, and as your engine starts to pick up some heat and heat itself right up, you will find that the oil itself can get intensely hot… so hot that it even begins to vaporize right into the air, in many cases. It does so in small quantities, more often than not.

These oil breathers, you will notice, are installed up toward the top of the plane’s engine as a means to vent such hit, ascending air. Thank God. But what about in cars?

Same concept here, and thankfully, it’s not as dangerous as with planes. There are less safety risks yet more protocols and built – in protection features. Who would have thought so? You’d think oil breathers on planes are more safe, but nope…. not necessarily the case here. He he he heh. Now, thankfully ( and you will breathe in relief as you read the next part…. I just know it, ha hah ) , most modern cars are actually required by law to have in place an oil breather system. No joke. Serious requirement.

They do their ‘venting’ job here just as well as they do in planes. Thank God for oil breathers on cars. And many times, they even come with a separator box which catches some of that oil suspended, too. Think of the oil suspended right in those gases, for instance. It’ll properly drain it right back in to your sump. Whew. Big sigh of relief…. to know that there IS a process and protocol here, and that oil breathers DO exist for cars. I am super glad.