Ski-Doo Yellow Paint

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Yellow paint! I love yellow paint! Do you, too? Yellow is the color not only of the fall, they say out there, but also in some cases that of the summer…. and guess what? It’s summer time ( case ya haven’t noticed, he he he heh ) ! AND with the yellow paint that can already come on some Ski – Doos, he heh, you want to make sure to take extra good care of it so that you do not ever need to get a new coat on there…. but if you do, let us talk. There are some options out there for good yellow paint colors, and some knowledge in general, on the topic, as it is one being more and more discussed out there these days…. after all, color matters, and you want it to shine bright yellow and retain its color. Not just any cheap layer or add – on of yellow will do, all in all, because this is the ski craft that you will be riding on and showing to the world. So quality is key, eh?

Dodge prowler yellow ( look for it on Amazon, in paint stores, or anywhere else, like Lowe’s, perhaps, where you can get a decent bucket of paint at a reasonable cost…. or even a sample color first ) is the closest darn color to matching the yellow on the Ski – Doo, I have noticed ; others have likewise commented the same in many places. You ought to make this your very first choice or shade of yellow when you are out and about looking. Valspar is a good brand to buy from, by the way, and you ought also to get a small – to – medium – sized type of spray can, first, as a mere suggestion, instead of getting a whole bucket…. just to be on the safe side of things, of course. And then you want to apply a mere small amount, to something you are not using, like an old newspaper or such…. and put it close, but not right up next to, your Ski – Doo. See how closely the colors match ( or don’t, in some cases ) to give you a real idea on things.

If it just so happens to be a fully identical ( or even a near – identical, for that matter ) match, then you will not have to re – paint the whole darn Ski – Doo, and thank God for that. You can just carefully paint over the parts that are a little dis – colored, old, rusty, etc. But if not, then you have two choices : To go back in and find a closer match / shade of yellow, which can be a real time – consuming pain in the rear, or you can just paint over the entire thing in the new color. Watch a few free videos from YouTube on how to carefully paint without messes.