How Do You Flush A 2 Stroke Outboard Motor?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

How Do You Flush A 2 Stroke Outboard Motor?

Main Steps:

That’s usually about all there is to it in a nutshell but since I have your undivided attention here, folks, or at least I hopefully do, I will keep you on the page for a bit longer. So eyeballs, do not go anywhere. Stay here. I can tell you some more things you will want to know on all of this here….

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So first of all is the very fact that you might not know the vital urgency of flushing your boat’s outboard motor, and with that in mind, let me just tell you this —- it is as equally important as flushing your toilet, he he heh. I’m sure I got your attention there, which is what I was aiming for. But more than that, I hope to let you know how vital it is, all in all, because salt water, sand in the water, or otherwise just plain dirty, polluted water gets in there. And the problem with all of that is that the outboard is somewhat delicate and can corrode — yes, you heard me right. It does not like such water and thus needs to be flushed after you’ve come back from your boating trip. What is the outboard mainly made out of or consisting of in material? Well, since you asked, it’s aluminum, which is not the biggest fan of, say, salt water. Did you happen to know this fact? Well, either way, now you do.

You should also not just flush every so often. But it’s important to do it EVERY time. And flush the fuel out from that tank.


Every little detail matters, much more so when you have a 2 - stroke engine on that boat, a motor of which requires a lot of upkeep, in some models, and needs to be often checked to be performing at its peak. This is not a bad thing but only something to keep you responsible. Maintain and flush that outboard often.

Flushing bags help as well. But that is maybe something I can sit down and discuss with you at a later date ( or as you read a future blog I will write on this site, he he heh ) . Also, ask yourself what kind of 2 - stroke model brand you have as this might slightly alter the process of flushing, though all in all, it’s basically the very same, simple procedure I briefly showed you starting out this article. Do you have a Honda model, a Mercury one, or maybe even something that Suzuki or Nissan has made? Check your manufacturer’s user guide on more specific steps to flush that 2 - stroker!

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