Polaris RZR XP 1000

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

Eye – appealing black pearl, so nice to look at! And more … there are other colors like indy red …. nice, right? You can pick for yourself, based on what draws your eyes in the most, he he he he heh …

It is certainly quite elegant. But I have more here to share, now ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

You might also like to know the fact that it gets 14 – in ground clearance, which is really good for an outdoor ATV – like vehicle of this sort at the end of the day. Think on that. Also, it’s horse – power kicks at a full 110 max … talk about awesome. You get the full 64 inches for width, with this one, too. And did I mention you can have it shipped out to your very door? Indeed, some places offer to ship it straight to you … imagine the look of pure joy on your kid’s face ( or even your spouse’s, or heck, your own, too ) when they see one of these shiny new toys showing up at their door – step for their birth – day or such …. he he he he he heh. I don’t know about you, friend, but at my house, that would bring a whole lot of smiles … and a gift like that could make me the ‘favorite person’ of many for a very, very long time, ha ha ha ha hah, he he he he heh ….

Now, then, I would also like to bring to your attention the very fact that this model also offers some LED head – lights that will rock your world, especially when it’s hard to see your line of sight ( LOS, for short, he he he he heh ) …. like what is moving around, right in front of you, when you’re driving out late at night past the curfew … could that be a moose, a skunk, a rabbit, a deer? Something else? Ooh, the mystery …. ooh, ahhhhh, the intrigue …. right?

These lights will blast a sharp light both in front and around you so that nothing catches you off – guard as you drive by. Even if it’s just a little fog covering up your vision, these lights will still help you see more and get around faster, so thank God for them.

Now how about the accent lights? Guess what? You get FULL LED on them, too …. what a nice surprise, isn’t it? Plus you also get 2 full – strength, strong and durable doors on both sides of the car, for entry and exit. These painted doors are also made of sturdy, re – inforcable material that is hard to break, plus hard to penetrate. They can protect you well in any crash or shock / bump, when you need them to. Rest in that.