What Oil Filters Have The Highest Efficiency Of Filtration?

What oil - filters have the highest efficiency of filtration?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Some of the Bosch filters are the most efficient in filtrating. That’s the short answer. And with the constant evolution and change of new products on the market line, this all changes with the times. But Bosch has been a brand that’s made itself known for being invaluable with these kinds of oil – filters, and they only plan to continue to keep making great products for years to come ( at least, that is the goal, he he he he heh … ) …..

Now, then, I would like you to witness the fact that the Purolator PL14610 ( made by Purolator ONE ) has one of the highest ( if not the most, according to countless sources and reviewers ) efficient filtration systems of all. The best part is it’s only $10.21 on Amazon ( right here ; click and buy, he he he he heh —- Amazon.com: Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter : Everything Else. What I also like in regards to it would be the plain fact that it’s made of a perfect marriage of silicone and metal ( they make such a nice couple, he he he he heh, in a type of product like this ). And not only that, but “99% dirt removal power” is what it promises …. and according to most customers by Amazon, eBay and even Walmart, it delivers what it promises.

99% is pretty frickin’ effective, when you really stop and think about it. Right? Yup.

Now, then, you should also keep close note of the fact that this oil – filter is made of a blend media that is high – density, which certainly helps it be as filtration – efficient as it is at the end of the day. And yes, we’re talking synthetic blend media as well. Have no doubt on that ….

And when it comes to the swap – out life – span it gets, it can go the full 10,000 once more ( yes, miles ) . So when you change your oil ( if it’s every 10,000 miles, which should usually be the case, unless your car is way old ) , change out this filter for another one of the same kind. You won’t be disappointed ; I promise you that.

This product, with its metal end – caps, is super wear – resistant and gets you the best stability through its center tube, as well, not to mention getting you a classy look with a nice shine ( yes, an added bonus … ha hah, as this oil – filter can really dazzle and look elegant, and fancy, as it is ) . To help the filtration efficiency even further, it comes with an anti – drain back valve ( made of silicone ) that kicks ass and lasts more than the usual nitrile stuff you may be used to working with. Check it all out!