Sea-Doo Spark Hull

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

The hull, the hull, the hull ( not the big green Marvel monster you may be thinking about in your mind, he heh…. that’s the Hulk ) . Let us talk about the hull….. on your Sea – Doo Spark. So what to know first of all? Know that the hull is usually made of plastic ( unless you should ever choose to take off the one that comes included and put up your own, or custom – design one out of different materials, which can be a costly pain in the rear unless you know what you are really doing ) . It’s made of like a polytech plastic which is not too much better than some of the other stuff you see out there…. but if you think about it, it’s been made out of fiber – glass in past models and other similar variants, so what is the hold – up here, you might then be asking? Well, to each his own, and it does seem the designers and manufacturers wanted to save some money here and let you decide whether or not to get a replacement hull later if you really thought it was worth the extra pain and cost as I like to say…. you choose, though, yet for me, I think the hull included is more than good enough and I prefer to rather invest in new mods and other sorts of upgrades ( check out some of my other blogs, in which I really DELVE into that topic, he heh ) .

The hull on the Spark ( and too bad that I can not say the same for other jet ski models or brands, ha hah…. just as far as I know, for the Spark ) is actually very easy to handle as it is quite light, as is the Spark itself, all in all. It is shaped like a v, you will notice —– that means you can make small chops as you bump up and down the waters, quite nicely, and also ride your way in style as you go through those flatter waters. Not bad, eh? And get this, too —- it can even rip through rough terrain ( when it’s water, of course, he heh ) with the simplest of ease…. even if you should happen to run into a rain storm as you are out and about ( I pray to God and cross my fingers, every time I go out and ride, asking that this should never happen to me…. but either way, I never wander out too far out from base, just in case this should ever occur…. he heh. I am always a step ahead ) .

So I hope this has encouraged you that you do not really need to upgrade the hull unless you are obsessed with doing so. Upgrades can be good. But the one hull that comes included is just fine for most people.