Sodi RSX2

So, friend …. you decided to stick around and wanted to read some more of my work? I always welcome that : Welcome back. This time I would like to give a good shout to the RSX2 model of Sodikart. In case you have read some of my other go kart blogs on here, you will have heard me already say ( and on multiple occasions, I might even add, he he he he he heh ) that Sodikart is one of the best modern brands out there for ( electric ) go karts …. they are top – notch and sure know how to deliver in speed, performance, style, size parameters and other nifty little features and specs. Now, it is my absolute pleasure to be able to talk to you on the RSX2, which is, yes, a new part of its lineup …. Sodikart rules!

Now, then, the Sodikart RSX2, as you ought to know first and foremost, is entirely electric and kicks butt ; it’s covered by the latest tech ( EASY DRIVE ® ) around, something that is firm, patented and digitally modern, at the end of the day. The science genius behind this only made sure that would be the case when they decided to put this bad boy machine together, he he h e he heh ….

Now, then, you might want to know that ( quite oddly, yet amazingly enough, he he he heh ) the engine on this model is 100 % noise – less. Thank God …. that for me is a selling point right there, if I ever noticed one. I will admit I am getting more and more thankful for noise – less engines and motors these days …. I live in a neighborhood myself that seems to get less and less quiet and chaos – free ( been planning to move, actually, when my lease is up …. but that is a whole nother topic to blog on some other day, he he he he heh ) . You can typically hear engines revving non – stop, so a huge bonus feature for me would be something with a nice, quiet motor like this. Even if I hit higher speeds, it should not be a problem being out and at least somewhat quiet ( especially at night, during the curfew hours ) , making me considerate of noise – pollution and the hearing sensitivities of others in my community.

So let it be over – stated, if it must be …. I love a quiet engine. This is one of the few modern electric go karts you know for sure offers that. And now, more of them are starting to catch on, too. It’s hard to get enough “quiet” in the city, these days ( especially if you live downtown or nearby, just as I so happen to, he he heh ) , so this is good ….

You get an F1 – like steering wheel, too. Did I mention? If not, then …. surprise!