Delorean Engine Swap

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Have you ever seen some of those old films where they take a car, any car, and swap – out the engine on it? How about for a DeLorean? Well, let you tell you YES, YOU CAN! IT is possible. Let me show you some other points of reference here…. please read.

Now first off, if you have a DeLorean DMC – 12, you can swap – out its engine for that on, say, a V8 on an LS – 4. Did you even know that you could? Maybe this is news for you, my friend, which is perfectly all right. Good news is good news, am I right? Now you can have a party at home, show off your DeLorean to your friends, and tell them that the engine IS swapp – able, in fact. Ha hah. Good times. I’m sure it must feel pretty great, too.

Now, then, with a solid aluminum block on that LS – 4, you have got a perfect swap – out here. Packaging, cooling, and weight ( and heck, all else considered, as I am already one step ahead, he heh ) taken into account here, this is ideal. The LS – 4, I would even go to say, further stating my point, is the TOP choice for a swap – out here for your DeLorean’s engine. It would be the first and best pick to go with. Take my advice to heart. You won’t go wrong. I promise you it.

You can even get a swap kit to help. Did you know these are around? Ha ha. They are. Swap kits are a true God – send to me. I love them.

And here is another idea that you can think about ( promise you will spend hours just thinking about it… promise me ) , and that is this —- getting a V6 engine swap – out instead. What cars have such an engine when they are made? Well, one that I can certainly think of would be the Kia Stinger GT, and that is only one. Check with the manufacturer or seller always, in all cases, though ( in case you happen to have a different engine on it or the V6 was already swapped – out for something else before you bought the car…. you never know, and it can’t do you harm to ask and be sure before – hand, he he he heh…. I had to learn that lesson, many a time, but the hard way ) .

And though this V6 is my 2nd choice, and not my fave or top pick, like the V8 / LS – 4 I mentioned before, it is still a good option and totally do – able, which is what really matters in the end, I guess. It’s not a hard swap, if you’re vigilant and know what to do. Just take your time and enjoy the process. More than anything, of course, enjoy the end result. A true experience.