Sea-Doo Spark Hull Repair

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

To replace? To repair? That is what you need to now ask yourself, friend : Which will it be? Assuming the hull on your Spark does not need to get swapped out, exactly, then that is good news, all in all…. it means it can still be saved ( repaired, to be more exact ) . And you do not need to pay the cost of getting a whole new one, which is already the reason I sense you taking that deep breath —- relax…. if you are in this stage, then know that it is all going to be okay. If an expert has said they can repair it, instead, then trust in their word ( unless, of course, they have little reputation or tons of bad reviews out there, which is why I always urge you to do your reading on them first…. find an expert you can really bank on, so to speak, and who has got your best interest in mind, not to mention those of your Spark’s, all in all ) .

The next thing that I urge you to do with all you can, giving it your best, is to take photos of the hull from all sides —- yes, up, down and all around, as the old adage goes. This will help you better determine, for yourself, the extent of the damage, if any, before you actually take the whole thing out to a dealer and have them tell you what it is…. this is, in a sense, meant to cover you. YOUR ass is on the line ( if a retailer tries to lie to you or over – charge for something that you do not need, then know that you can always rebuttal…. or simply walk out with no terms agreed on, and life will continue ) . But you need proof and evidence, and if you evaluate one thing, and they say another, then go by what you have ( the photos you took of the damage, the other research you did, etc ) . Just make sure not to let yourself get so easily taken advantage of, as I have, countless times…. God only knows how many times I wish I were smarter, and how many times I wish I could take it all back ( re – write history, or at least my own past bad experiences, so that I don’t get swindled in the first place…. but of course, all we can really do is to move forward and not live stuck to the past…. stuck like glue on wood, he he heh ) .

Fiber – glass repair is a likely option, when thinking of the hull. This is the most common solution. Ask anyone who specializes in fiber – glass, too. It won’t hurt you to take a gander at some price quotes online by pros in your service area…. could save you tons by going this route instead.