Sea-Doo Spark Not Accelerating

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Well, you will need to look at different parts of the water – craft device to see what you may be lacking, here, and here are the most essential parts that keep the whole thing running : the battery terminal, its wires and connections, the spark plugs, the fuel line and the fuses. Located them yet? Google a picture of check your user guide for what they look like, if you have your manual right there with you.

Now, then, I want you to first NOT PANIC, which is what so many people forget —- it is going to be okay, and there are resources and knowledge out there ( some on this page, too, which you are about to read, he he he heh ) to help you with this. And the first thing, on that note, that I would like to point your eyes to is the plain fact of the matter that there are simply DIFFERENT kinds of acceleration failures…. and you need to determine which applies to YOUR situation, as best as you can. What I mean, guys, is this —- is it not accelerating AT ALL, not accelerating quickly enough, turns over but then WON’T START, accelerates but MISFIRES shortly afterwards, or is it something else? That is what I mean.

Now, in most cases, when the Spark does not accelerate AT ALL, which is one of the most common and annoying reported problems here, the issue at hand will usually be one of the following :

Take a look. Is it…..

Now, of course, these are just some things to think about. And if you have no idea how to go in there and take a look at them for yourself, then the first thing I advise you to do is to go on You Tube and see videos of pros doing these checks, repairs, swap – outs, etc. Step by step. Or if you are not too technical or mechanical, and you have the money to do so, just get an expert out there to take a look at it for you. These guys usually charge hourly, so keep that in mind ( really good ones charge $100 - $300 per hour but can fix your issue in an hour or less, if it’s not too severe ) .

If smoke comes out as it fails to accelerate, as a side note, then your issue may be a damaged head gasket or a coolant leak.