How Much Do Boat Motors Cost?

Author : Efrain Silva

Perhaps the only thing smarter than buying a whole new boat, when the time comes down to it, is to buy a whole new boat motor. And many marine retail centers can sell it to you. I’ve seen them go out for as low as — believe me when I say it — $99. That is right, just around $100 with taxes and all mixed in. That is not a bad deal, but remember that the higher of a quality motor you want, the more you will pay. How long do you want it to last you before it fully depreciates?

How Much Do Boat Motors Cost?

Usually, those who buy something more high - end pay a bit more at the start but then the item lasts for much longer and saves them money (what a replacement would cost, if you bought the cheap kind). Here it is the same. If you choose to really invest, and have the best of what there is, then a quality Suzuki Marine type of boat motor should not be too out of the question for you. Since it starts at about $2,000, you should save up if you are really serious about your speed and power on the waters as well as the safety of yourself and all the riders with you.

For some of these pricier types of boat motors, you should never let your heart sink and tell yourself, “I will never be able to afford that in this lifetime”. Thankfully, and many customers really do not know this, but you can get special financing and decide the interest rate, terms, and even payout plan you want to go with. Some let you pay nothing the first year and then start charging you $10 - $20 a month at the very lowest until the full motor (and all interest that has elusively stacked up in the process) has been marked, “paid in full” and is now yours.

If you are still worried about cost, or a payment plan like this one, trading in is also a huge blessing in disguise that some people have remembered to take good advantage of, reducing the cost of the motor by quite a bit, in some cases. If you trade in another motor, a boat part, or even a boat, for example, you’ll have some equity options there. That is just another great idea to think about ; and if you have something of real value at your disposal, consider it’s trade in value quote that the seller gives you, and knock that off the total price of the motor to see if you think it is worth the trade.

I’ve seen some really nice Yamaha brand motors, new and used (but refurbished to meet all standards, no less) selling themselves for under $1,000. Some nice ones get up at around $900. If you want to consider financing, even in that case, then your monthly payments should be very low, when you think about it. Talk it over with your family.