Sea-Doo Spark Horsepower

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

The power of the horse —- as some crazy people like to call it ( “crazy people” referring to me, of course, the one and only master of all things crazy, he he he heh, and your Sea – Doo Spark extraordinaire ) . I’m back again, your writing guide on all great things Sea – Doo, this time to tell you some nuggets of truth on the Spark’s horsepower, as you probably already read by the title. The day is getting late, as I write this, so let us be on with it, then, shall we?

But first….. did you so happen to know that this $5,000+ water – craft vehicle can get a starting horsepower of 60 but even be increased to a max of 90? I lie not, folks, you can get it all the way up to 90 to make a nice, little ride out of it all, indeed. And that’s not too shabby when you think of all the things you can do with a little more horsepower at your service….. the most important, of course, being that you can go a bit faster and accelerate more powerfully, all in all. And like some people I know that like to rev those engines up loud and take off racing, I crank things all the way up and live my best life on full throttle behind the seat of the Spark, he he heh —- the option for the “thrill of the moment” makes you all the more excited, just to hear about it, I’m sure, just as it does me.

Now, then, the type of engine that makes all of this horse power capacity even possible, in the first place ( and yes, I do always like to give credit where credit is no less than fully due, in turn…. he heh, call me a stickler for calling it out and properly giving credit where it’s due ) , on the SPARK, would be no less than the one and only ( clap your hands now, drumroll, please…… ) 900 ACE™- 60 or 900 ACE™- 90 ( depending on whether you get the 60 HP one or the 90 HP one, of course ) . Now I like to think of the people that designed this type of specially engineered horse power capacity as true geniuses of their day, and that’s understating, I’m sure…. they are far more than that, even. High praise, indeed…. like I said, giving credit where it’s due!

We’re also talking about a naturally aspirated, top – of – the – line engine intake system here that further makes it all possible. And you get, in addition, 899 cc in terms of cylinders. All this helps ‘up’ the horsepower in any way it can.

So if you don’t have the full 90 HP, start there. It’s worth it. Check out the Spark today if you haven’t already.