How Fast Do Professional Go Karts Go?

You’ve asked how fast they can go. You’ve scratched your head over and over again. Well, know that they can go around up to 150 miles per hour, give or take. There’s your answer, but I do have just a few more things to say that you may find helpful. So please keep reading this all the way to the end, and you will learn ( hopefully ) just a tad bit more ….

Now, then, first of all, and on that past note, 250 cc super karts are typically what you can expect to see on a professional race track ; they are some of the best of the best out there, and they mean business. You have likely been to a speed way racing event and just felt the wind race past your hair as these karts took off on the line and revved up their engines, right? If not, then you are seriously missing out on line, and I would suggest you attend a race of any kind, he he he he heh. But I won’t judge you for missing out, friend…. just plan on seeing a go kart race….

You also ought to keep in mind this very thought : There are different kinds of go karts used professionally. For instance, you have the 250 cc ones which I just mentioned, and these typically go to 140 – 150 miles per hour max speeds pretty quickly. You also have the 125 cc shifters, which can get anywhere from 70 – 80 miles per hour at their very best. And if you like Masters go karts ( and who doesn’t, right? We can’t forget about these, which are used for certain specialty races ) , then you’ll be pleased to hear that these can go up to 40 - 70 miles per hour.

There are also a few other branded ones, which are displayed and used just a bit differently for professional races, like the one and only Lo206. And this go kart can typically get you up to 60 – 70 miles per hour. Keep that in mind. The options here, as you can tell, are just too many to count, then…..

Indeed, there’s lots of ways to speed through the racecourse in style. If you’re entering as a newbie professional racer and it’s your first race coming up, then best of luck to you. Keep all this info I have shared in mind, and may the best driver win. Go get ‘em! Just remember to buy the right helmet, shoes, and race suit / gloves, too.