Can-Am Outlander

Can Am Outlander 570 is a popular ATV quad by BRP. It is an entry-level model in the Can Am series and comes for a budget-friendly price. The vehicle is sleek, stylish, convenient, and capable to take you through different terrains.

This single-seat quad comes in several models with premium features included for people who want something extra from the ATV. Can Am Outlander 570 has had a few tweaks and upgrades over the years. The 2017 model is considered one of the best, while the 2020 XT 570 model has powerful upgrades to please adventurers and workers alike.

Let’s find out more about BRP’s Can Am Outlander 570 in this post.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. and Can Am Outlander

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. is a Canadian automobile manufacturer. The company produces motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. It was founded in 1942 as Bombardier Snowmobile Limited.

The manufacturer is known for constantly developing new designs and manufacturing new models to suit the market demands. BRP’s leading series include Can Am, Rotax, Ski-Doo, Evinrude, Lynx, and Sea-Doo watercraft.

Can Am Outlander 570 was first released in 2014-2015 and was initially designed for adventurers and ranchers. Two years later, the manufacturer came out with a revamped 2017 model with a 570cc liquid-cooling dual-cylinder four-stroke ROTAX V-twin engine.

The powerful engine in a mid-sized quad ATV made Can Am Outlander 570 an exciting vehicle to drive in any condition. Furthermore, the 2017 model has noteworthy features like an anti-theft key design, 2WD/ 4WD drivelines, and a front differential with auto lock.

The 2022 model comes with Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), which makes it a quick job of driving around obstacles on muddy and rocky paths. The ATV is suitable for daily work in the wild or weekend fun rides. It’s not side-by-side and has only one seat, but it sure is a part of the adventuring team.

Like other ATVs in the market, Can Am Outlander 570 also has different models, versions, and trims with additional and exclusive features.

Models and Trims in Can Am Outlander 570

The ATV is currently available in the following trims:

The Outlander DPS 570 is available in three colors, while other models come in two or a single color. The tires range from 25 to 28 inches, depending on the trim. DPS 570, Max 570, and Max DPS 570 come with tri-mode dynamic power steering.

Max XT 570 is the only model to have a heavy-duty front and rear bumper along with 3500 lbs winch and handlebar wind deflectors. Outlander DPS 570 and Max DPS 570 have the heavy-duty front bumper, while XT 570 has a heavy-duty rear bumper with 3500 lbs trail winch. Only Can Am Outlander Max 570 has steel wheels. The remaining models come with cast aluminum wheels.

The Outlander X MR 570 has BRP’s Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology, top features like Visco-4 Lok Front Differential, and a Detuned Rotax 650 V-twin engine of 48HP (horsepower). Another highlight of this variant is a water-resistant rear compartment with a 2.9-gallon storage capacity.

Specifications of Can Am Outlander 570 (2017 Model)

Since Can Am Outlander 570 has many models and trims, we’ll take a look at the 2017 model’s specifications.

Dimensions: 83 x 46.5 x 50.5 inches (LxWxH)
Seat Height: 33.8 inches
Ground Clearance: 11.8 inches
Dry Weight: 843 lbs
Load Capacity: 240 lbs at the rear and 22 lbs at the front; a total of 262 lbs
Towing Capacity: 1300 lbs
Max. Weight Capacity: 417 lbs (passengers and cargo included)
Fuel Capacity: 5.4 gallons with 1.3 gallons in the reserve
Wheelbase: 51 inches
Engine: ROTAX 570 V-twin engine


The suspension is enclosed in a steel frame. It has double A-arm front suspension and trailing-arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension. The rear suspension also has an external stabilizer bar and five-way adjustable preloaded shock absorbers for better protection from uneven paths. The suspension and shock absorbers together ensure that your ride is smooth and exciting.

Brakes and Tires

Can Am Outlander 570 has hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear. The front brakes are dual 214-mm cross-drilled with 6-mm floating twin-piston calipers. The rear brake has one 214-mm cross-drilled with 6-mm floating twin-piston calipers.

The tires are cast-aluminum 12 inches wheels with 288- 12 on the front and 2810- 12 on the rear. The manufacturer provided Maxxis Muszillas tires for the 2017 model. The tire dimensions change based on the model and trim you choose.

Drivetrain and Ignition

Can AM Outlander 570 comes with a dual-range CVT that has reverse gear, parking brake, and neutral options. You can switch between the 2WD and 4WD based on the terrain.

The ignition has an electric starter with an auxiliary recoil backup starter. You can upgrade or change the battery for better results.

Issues with Can Am Outlander 570 (2017 Model)

While the 2017 Outlander 570 had new and improved features, it also had a few pieces with defective DPS shaft. BRP recalled eight models in the line-up after thirteen reports of broken shafts. A defective DPS shaft can cause fatal injury to the rider as it impacts the steering when driving. The manufacturer was fortunate that there were no reports of injuries to the riders.

Apart from this, Outlander 570 also has a few other problems that can impact your decision.


The exhaust pipe, in its horizontal position, released heat on the left side of the vehicle. Users complained of excess heating because of this. A way to fix this issue is by installing a heat shield.


Not many people want to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance after buying a vehicle. Sadly, BRP automobiles require extra maintenance. The brake pads get worn out easily and need replacement often. Even the bushings become loose. The components, gearbox, etc., are the same. Invest in an Outlander 570 only if you don’t mind regular maintenance.


The tires aren’t durable. You are better off replacing them with Maxxis or other popular brands that produce premium quality off-road tires. None of us would want is a punctured tire or blown-out tire when in the wild or middle of the trail.


A common issue with the Can Am ATV series is cold starting. The vehicle refuses to start at times. An easy solution is to give the starter a good whack on the head (but with a wooden rod/ stick). A better alternative is to replace the battery with something more reliable. It’s a long-term solution and saves your energy too.

The issues aren’t that complex or threatening but still annoying. That said, every concern has a solution or two. Many adventurers buy Outlander 570 and fix things up to their liking.

Pros and Cons



Final Words

Can Am Outlander 570 scores points in many areas. The engine is powerful. The body design provides protection against splashes while also being comfortable for long drives. The load and towing capacity are wonderful and can be compared with other ATVs in the category.

All in all, BRP’s Can Am Outlander 570 is a worthy investment if you want an ATV quad for work and fun. Purchase the model that best suits your requirements.