Turbo Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

When it’s time to turbo, it’s time to turbo! Start by pulling out your tools and getting to work if you want to ‘turbo - up’ your go kart. ( Check your garage, you probably have some lying around…. you more than likely have all the basic tools you need ….) Now you can, of course, have someone else turbo - charge the go kart for you if you want to be extra safe ( and if they’ve done this before, of course, he he he heh ) . And if you don’t want to get dirty, that’s another great reason as well. Many pros can do that. But just remember the cost. That is a factor most of the time.

Now a turbo - charger is what you ( or they ) will need. And what in the heck is that, are you asking? Well, a turbo - charger is basically just a fan that rotates, in the simplest terms of putting it…. it’s one that gets its spinning by means of the exhaust pressure which, in turn, causes it to rotate. Some also call this an exhaust turbine, if you want to get a little more technical. It’s basically just a turbine that is on your go kart’s internal exhaust, all in all. This turbine, doing its job and properly running itself right off of your go kart’s exhaust, as such, causes a note - worthy compressor to spin ( and that compressor just so happens to be your impeller, as it is rightly called, he he he heh ) . From that point forward, the impeller itself does its own unique job — in getting air compressed…. right into…. guess where…. your very intake’s mani - fold. So when making and using a turbo go kart, it is, indeed, as we know it, a very thorough, intricate and somewhat complex process, at the end of the day…. be thankful for all the inner moving parts that make your turbo go kart even possible to begin with, he he eh heh heh. But that is not all… I have just a little bit more to show you on this process, so let’s push forward for just another sec, shall we?

Now then, after that last part of the process kicks into gear, so to speak, we then find that the intake pressure does some work of its own…. causing the air fuel amounts entering the engine to actually be — get this —- a bit HIGHER. And this all, as a result, ends up getting your go kart to engage greater levels of power per every cubic inch. So yes, it’s a process.

Turbo go karts like these, keep in mind, tend to have about 5 to 8 psi greater than the usual…. so yes, a higher psi count as well. It’s not bad to consider. See about getting your next turbo go kart, or turbo - charging one on your own. Enjoy!