Saab Cars

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Ever heard of Saab Automobile? Well, how do I put it? They were a, well, ‘defunct’ car manufacturing group that had its start in the mid 40’s ( 1945, exactly ) . They had a few runs at trying out new autos, seeing what they could produce and bring to the world. Their reputation was mixed…. many were for them, and many were not too thrilled that they, and their cars, were around…. it was a sort of good – and – bad relationship, some could say. Some enjoyed their cars, and others could care less for their existence. If you want to see what a Saab car looks like, google it. You can still find images of the original ones online ; they are not hard to find. I saw many pictures recently of these and thought, as a matter of fact, that they looked interesting and that it would be worth 20 good minutes of my time to make a blog on the matter, and here we are…..

In 1949, the Saab 92 car came out and it was the first real, official one from Saab. But the one that really shined ( both literally and metaphorically, so to speak, he he he he heh ) was the Saab 900, a model coming to life just a little later than that. 19 years later, to be more precise. It kicked some butt and was really a new thing, even for Saab. It was unique and distinct and opened up some doors of opportunity for the auto – maker business. Saab was content.

Later, at the end of the 1980’s, we got designs for the Saab 9 – 5, not to mention the Saab 9 – 3 as well. These two were remembered at the time. They were not terribly miraculous, especially when compared to all the other auto – maker brands and car models competing with them at the time, but they were still good cars and did their job well. No major issues there, so to speak. Things happened…. over time, the company got merged over with GM, General Motors, and then later ( in 2010, actually ) it all got sold to Spyker Cars.

The Saab cars did see a few cancelled models that, sadly, did not make the final cut, it seems. Among these was the Saab 98, a slightly altered but less attractive version of the Saab 96. And there was also the Saab 9 - 2, which ran into a whole host of problems in the way of its manufacturers halting production. It was intended to mimic the Saab 92, but it seems the makers, not to mention the larger buyer, at hand, lost interest during the conceptual stages ; in addition to that, it seemed to become more and more costly to actually produce, and the fore – cast profit margins from it did not anticipate to be well. There was too much unknown and unforeseeable then.