Sea-Doo Spark Jet Kart Evo Price

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You’re looking at about $14K in new condition, so save up each buck. It’s worth investing. The Evo is a great one to have. And this model I mentioned costs that amount listed if you want to get the 60 HP, but if you want the full 120 HP, then about $18,000 is what you’re looking at. Ask yourself — is it worth it for you? Will you use it much? Do you want to show it off to your friends and to the rest of the world? Bragging rights, he heh?

Well, then, I would also want you to carefully notice that with this small mini – boat, you won’t actually be sitting on top of the seat on it, so to speak, as with other basic Sea – Doos. In fact, here with one of these, you sit inside the hull itself, which I personally think is a little more sheltered and secured, offering me a different experience that I THINK IS well worth paying my money for. But everyone can think differently about this, of course.

For me, though, I would say that, not only is it much harder to fall off the jet ski or fall backwards into the water but it may also be harder to tip over, all in all…. which is a huge plus. I like how much money was spent into making the design and feel of this water – craft so much more superior, so yes, I would ( and did ) shell out that extra few grand. I paid the $18 grand and found the time of my life with it all, he he he heh. If some call me a fool, then I can at least say that I died a happy one later on in life ( happy fool here, no lie, he he he heh ) ….

And instead of a boring – ass, old handle bar, like before, with these Evo’s, you get a custom – designed steering wheel…. making you really feel in charge now, captain of your own ship ( or jet ski boat, I ought to say, he he he heh ) . So it really feels, when you think about it, like you are driving a fun race kart but rather on the water this time…. and I know it had always been a dream of mine before buying the Evo…. a dream to be able to do “go - karts” in the water, ha ha. Now I can, whenever I want to, and I have many times already! Dream come true —- there is not a feeling like it in all the world, I must add.

I hope you will decide that the full speed and horsepower of the 120 HP model are worth your look. If you are serious as me, with your style and taste, then you will concur. I know it. Thanks for reading, Sea – Doo lovers.