Polaris RZR XP 4 1000

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

Bring to your mind the fact that “power meets precision” is what the makers of this model use to describe it, in perfect words … no joke. That’s the one and only brand slogan, and I personally think it rocks. It certainly rocks my world and shows to be accurate, 100 %, a true statement in itself. Now let us cover some more ground on this great product ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

First of all, keep in mind that some also now call it “THE INDUSTRY’S TOP SELLING 4-SEATER” …. it’s also one of the few of its kind that can seat 3 other passengers with a driver, and comfortably ( no uncomfy leg space, etc … no cramping your style, and everyone is happy … yay, a winning product ) . Now, then, you might also like to know the fact that you can finance it for about as low as $ 355 a month, if money is tight ( but paying up – front, one time, for the whole amount of $25,699 US MSRP, if it’s the Sport version, or $26,199 US MSRP, if it’s the Premium version, can knock off any interest … think on possibly doing that if you have the money stashed away somewhere ) . And yes, these two sub – models are the only ones available for this XP 4 1000. Keep that in mind, too. But that’s all you need … these two versions kick ass on their own, in so many ways already ….

Now, then, it might behoove you to know the fact that Sport version comes in Polaris Blue or Cruiser Black ( pick wisely, my padawan, mwah ha ha ha hah … or, heck, just get both colors and avoid the problem of having to pick, altogether, he he he he he he heh ) . For the Premium, you get two versions ( or slightly different kinds, in other words ) of Indy Red or Black Pearl. Now what I like about the Sport is the fact that it can offer you 20”/20” Usable Travel right off the bat … no lies on that. They are very upfront with their marketing, and this, you can see everywhere. They’re not hiding that for a second, nor are they hiding the fact that the sub - model also offers an amazing 14 – in clearance overall, 110 horse – power, and yes ( my favorite part, he he he he heh ) , even a full 64 – in width all over. Boom …. how’s that for style and convenience all rolled into one?

Knock your socks off yet? I know mine fell off long ago, when I found this out, he he he he heh … ( long ago meaning minutes ago, LoL … )

It’s also got 29 – in radial tires! Front and back! Whoopie!

This item says “bad - ass” all over it ( no, not literally, unfortunately, but you can always air – spray or spray – paint whatever the heck you want on there, he he he he heh … no one’s going to stop you from doing that if you are the rightful owner, now …. given it’s not an offensive message or hate speech, of course … ) . Let us find out some more on why some people call this one the “4 - seater that kicks butt all over, taking no names” ….

All four seats are roomy and cozy ; let’s start right there …. you will have plenty of space for yourself and all others coming along for the ride, which always makes for a great time for everyone involved, right? I concur.

And not only that, but you get a nice 14 – in clearance ( from ground ) as well as full 64 – in width, not to mention stunning 100+ horse – power ( right at 110, technically, if you take things all the way up and get it brand - new, he he he he heh ) . 20”/20” Usable Travel is a must, and on the Sport and Premium, that’s what you get … no short – changing here, he he he he heh. Try any of these two sub – models for this XP 4 1000 model, and you will not be disappointed in even the slightest way ; the makers have come together and looked at their past model – makes and really worked hard to make this one heck of a new model that can deliver. It does, 100 % .

29 – in radial tires are a must, too, and that’s what both sub – versions include as well. I said they don’t short – change you, after all … I was not kidding, he heh …. this is awesome. Plus, you also get to have Cruiser Black and Polaris Blue options on the Sport, in addition to Black Pearl and Indy Red versions on the Premium. If you are big on colors, then look online closely … take your time deciding, and if you don’t like any of the colors, you might get a paint – body job done by a pro as well ( something you can think about, if you can spare a few hundred dollars, at most, to get it done right ) .

But of course, you might not want to paint over those premium painted panels ( yes, that is what they call them, actually, and you will see them marketed on the main site in such a manner, heh e h he he he hhe heh …. ) . Keep the original color, if you’re not that picky. It looks so nice ( to me, anyways ) . These vehicles have LED lighting.