Torque Converter Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

So I hear that you would like to know just what the torque converter can do on a go kart? How can it serve your go kart or what is its main function? Well I am going to get into that and a bit more, so stay with me for this awesome blog coming right up, folks….

Now first of all, we are talking about, basically, just an auto transmission or automatic transmission converter made to convert ( hence the name, he he he he heh ) a great amount of power and energy right from your go kart’s central engine…. and all this is best when used in any off - road situations. Trust me, that is where the real power and torque kick in, he heh. When you happen to be going up - hill and not too fast, per say, in that go kart of yours, you can drive with your torque converter in a very low gear setting…. imagine yourself carefully passing up some ditches, and you will get the drift of things here. Go slow and be careful, keeping it on low, he he he heh. And do not worry about dropping back or falling back - wards as you ascend for that is what the torque converter is made for, if it is working properly as it ought to be doing ( a whole nother issue if it is not, which I guess I could maybe talk to you about some other time, he heh ) .

Torque converters, as you can likely imagine from what I have said earlier, just now, are MOST - OFTEN used and seen in anything that holds an automatic transmission…. like several go karts, ATVs and snowmobiles, for example. They are the prime example to use here. The cool thing about these torque converters, as such, is that they can auto - detect for themselves how much gas should be given, what gear to use based on that, the terrain that you are driving over at the moment ( yes, no kidding there ) and so much other stuff…. it’s as if they had a brain of their own, ready to help you out and do some of the shifting - work for you, you could almost say, he heh.

And you want to know the part that I like the most about them, if I had to choose one factor only? Ha hah…. tough to choose, but I would say that I like their automatic initiative, as some call it, and how they can detect things and really know what’s going on, and convert the power as needed, to where it’s needed, when it’s needed there. That’s a mouth - ful to say out loud, now, is it not? Ha hah.

I bought a new torque converter last week for my old go kart. I was lucky I knew how to put it in and make sure it was a tight fit.