Best Electric Go Kart For Teenagers

Everyone seems to have their own sense of what is best, so let me give you my opinion on mine : the Ninebot Electric Go Kart ( get it with or without its kit ) is the one I think can be best for pre – teens, young teens, and older teens ( like those 17 – 18 years old, for instance ) . It is a great all – around ‘young person’s go kart’ that can kick some but. And while you only need to be as old as 8 years old to drive one around, that does not mean that this go kart stands solely as a kids’ go kart ( even if some may market it as just a “kids’ go kart”, he he he he he heh heh …. you have to rightly think outside the box here, my dear friend ) .

You can pair this go kart with your Ninebot S, which is super nice to know. In addition to that, it comes in a nice, white – and – black simplistic design that says “young but not too young”, in a sense. It’s not “overly rainbowey and glittery colored”, giving the impression that it’s made for young, perky kids in elementary school. And yet at the same time, it’s not all “dark black and red”, either, showing itself as a mature / rated R ( he he heh ) sort of go kart for young adults and older only. But it meets you right in the middle, with that perfect black and white array that says, “I’m still growing, but I’ve got a lot of youth, vigor and life in me, thus far”…. it’s the perfect look for most new or old teens, respectively. That’s the word on the street, as they say…. many have agreed with this.

This $ 900 electric, segway go kart is the best one around for your teen simply due to its colors and design ( as mentioned ), size considerations ( X – L ) , overall dimensions ( 40 x 32 x 18 inches ) and material make…. speaking of which, it’s made of great rusty metal and plastic. It’s made to last.

It can take a weight limit of 220 lbs as well, so even if your teen falls on the chubbier end of the scale ( and I do say this respectfully, of course ) , he or she will still be able to fit right in. Have them try it out. See what they think.