Can You Go Kart With Glasses?

Good question. And it’s any driver’s game! Hopefully, the best driver can win.

Now, to answer the question, here is what you ought to keep in mind : First of all, if you are the passenger, or even the secondary or backup driver ( in the event you ever need to take over behind the wheel, for just a bit ) , the answer is yes. You do, however, need to be able to see clearly what is in front of you. If you are the driver, the answer is also yes. But the same condition applies. Easy question, easy answer… am I right? Well, there is just a bit more to it than that, which you ought to consider ….

Now I would like you to just pause yourself for one quick second and think about this : Make considerations for not only head space but helmet size as well. Think about it. Some glasses will NOT fit comfortably in your helmet, and you MUST wear a helmet at all times. There are simply no ifs, ands or buts about this rule ; especially so if you are in a race ( whether professional or just personal, for fun ) . Safety should always come first.

With that said, when sizing your next helmet, put your glasses on and then try the helmet on. If it fits perfectly on, and you can still see well and without discomfort, then it is the right size of helmet for you ; it should typically be just a bit bigger than your head, to account for the glasses, of course. An aspect you must absolutely test BEFORE deciding a final “yes” on that helmet is the visor. The visor is typically the removable part of the helmet, which covers your eyes ( and must be slided on or off, up or down, to help you see without the shade portion of the whole thing ) . Now, you must try the helmet on, with your glasses on, both with its visor in place… and with the visor removed. Are your glasses still fitting in comfortably ( especially so if the visor is in, and your vision is not perturbed or discomforted in any way… ) ?

That is what you have to ask yourself. Keep in mind, too, that when you breathe inside a helmet, things can get a little foggy. So make sure it’s a tight enough fit that too much air won’t circulate inside ( but you’re still not suffocated ) .