Jeep Wave

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

You may have heard of different popular auto buyer programs, like those offered out by Honda, Buick, Chrysler, VW, Ford ( and last but certainly not least at all ) Jeep. Have you heard of the Jeep Wave, if so? Some call it a basic hand wave or other type of gesturing motion made by one proud Jeep owner to another … it basically means you are part of a larger world – wide family, of other people who also drive around Jeeps ( whether new or old ) . If someone has given you the proud wave on the roads, freeways or other places, and you had no idea why in the heck they waved at you ( just assuming they were being friendly, or perhaps you were missing a tail – light or something, he he he he he he heh ) , then consider the fact that it was nothing less than the simple Jeep Wave. And next time it happens, you can be the one to give them the wave back, he he he heh ( or heck, you can be the first to reach out and wave at them, next time, and start a new thing ) . Just remember that it has to be another Jeep car for it to count, he he he heh. ….. no points if you wave at a Buick or something, for instance. ( Unless you’ve got a Buick also sitting in your garage, of course, he he he he he heh ) ….

Now, then, I would like you to give some simple, yet long and hard, thought, to what I am about to share with you next : which is the fact that the Jeep Wave was also a known VIP program that was around for some time, also available exclusively to Jeep owners. To foster that feeling of community and proud ownership, once more ( not to mention to reward auto buyers who invest in Jeeps as well as to help the brand market itself even further, by word – of – mouth ) , has been the goal of this. The Wave itself, when passed from owner to owner ( not the VIP program ) started out as a more specific wave in which only people with the exact same Jeep model ( of the same year and all, but could be of a different color, he he heh heh ) would wave to each other when they passed by. Now, it’s more generic, and anyone with any model of Jeep can typically be seen waving at any other ( similar or very different ) Jeep on the road. It’s that simple : You wave first ; someone waves back ( or the other way around ) . And Jeep wins!

Raise 4 fingers, extend your thumb and do the Jeep wave sometime! Keep one hand in the air and wave! Have fun and don’t think too hard on it.