Sea-Doo Spark VTS Install

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Want to know how the VTS is installed on your Spark? I knew the day would come in which you would ask me, Efrain, your go – to expert guy on all things Sea – Doo ( though perhaps not the most humble one, he he he heh, I love attention… ) . And the day has finally come! Now, then, I want you to know this and even write it down, if you are a person who is prone to forget ( and sometimes even I am, I will admit ) : You will need to set aside about at least 1 hour of your precious time to carefully and safely get this done, and no, in this case, you can not rush quality ; it is very important not to miss a step or over – look a single little detail. So do not hurry yourself, but go slowly and carefully. And if you are on your lunch break from work, or in some other time in which you are forced to rush yourself or limited for time, then it is better not to do it now and just set aside a time in which you can fully devote yourself to this…. believe me, it will be well worth it, and you might even end up patting yourself on the back ( gently, I hope, he he he heh ) after this is all said and done. Now let us begin!

First of all, with most VTS’s, the first thing you are going to seek to do is to basically just locate the Spark’s access panel, which is on the left hand side, of course — and from there, you are going to need to properly un – hook your battery’s NEGATIVE terminal after removing the panel itself out of the way. Next, you have to take the handle bar pad off and then pop loose the access panel and take out that trim cover. After that, you will need to engage your wire harness with the VTS switch you should see in front of you…. connect them, of course. Fish the harness itself all the way down… through where, you might ask? Good question —- do so through the steering column itself. And then after that, make sure to route the harness all the way up to the display’s rear and then remove the blanks to then insert some pins. The manual itself ought to tell you more on where you can put in the new pins.

Re – connect your display and its connector ; then lock that red tab you see in to its place by just pushing up on it. Next, look at the instructions for the VTS part itself, if it came with some. Find the diagnostic connector ( usually a picture or diagram of it in the instructions ) . Dis – connect it and re – connect it to the VTS. Zip tie the harness and VTS. Then, test everything out.