What Age Do F1 Drivers Start Karting?

F -1 driving is a career ( not to mention an in – bred skill ) not for the faint of heart. Like with acting, celebrity sports, and other life – long ambitions worth anything in this life, it requires an entire life – time of perfection ; and it starts best at an early, moldable age. The age of 6, many say, is when F -1 drivers start karting and learning all that they can behind the well. It may surprise you to hear this, since this is about a decade before people in most countries can legally start driving vehicles on their own ( age 16 ) . Some might start at even a little earlier than that age, and the first person that comes to my mind when I mention this would perhaps be the one and only Max Verstappen. He started when he was just 5 years old…. can you believe that? I kid you not ( get it? “kid”? He heh eh eheh hehh…. I like to thik I’m pretty clever with these puns sometimes… and hey, if you’re still reading this, then I know I hit the spot and kept you engaged, hah ah hah ) .

In case you may not be familiar with the name I just brought to your attention, Max Verstappen is a Belgian and Dutch F -1 racer who has already taken the Autosports International Racing Driver of the Year Award last year alone. His name only grows and grows. And get this : He’s only 24 years old, but has a passion in his heart for winning races.

What other F -1 racers have started out early? Hmm… let me think, how about Sebastian Vettel? He started at ….. wait for it…. AGE 3!!!! Yup, 3 years old, and he was already getting immersed into the world of kart racing. If you are familiar with F -1 World Drivers’ Championship titles, then you will already be familiar with this man’s name as he was won 3 such titles already. He’s currently 34 years old and considered the planet’s youngest world champion in F -1 racing… no joke.

If you’d like another name to go off of, then here’s one more —- Jenson Button, a 42 – year – old man who started at age 6 ( as most do, right in that 5 – 6 range ) . He’s both a Super GT Series and F -1 World Championship winner…. not to mention one friendly guy who knows his game.

I hope this has helped. Yes, F -1 winners start karting early. There we have it!