Honda Go Kart Motor

I have thought on this topic so many times ( which, yes, I know, can be tempting to do, he he he he heh … especially when you consider yourself to be a true, fixer upper who likes to DIY – swap engines, motors and more across various vehicles ) . Honda GX ENGINES, for one, make excellent swap – out options …. yes, you can indeed swap them out in so many kinds of go karts. Let us have a closer look at some of this, while we are here on this page, shall we? I promise to only interest and intrigue you with my know – how expertise …. you will learn and learn some more ….

Now, anyways, the first thing that I would like to rightly point out to you ( and let it be known everywhere, he he he he heh heh ) would be the plain and simple fact that the Honda GX270 motor perhaps makes the top spot on my list of favorites, and here would be the reason why for that. It gives an 8.4 horse – power output in addition to a 270 cc capacity sort of displacement. Now, a very important question pops up, and I can bet you a dollar ( all I have in my wallet this very second, he he he he heh ) that you have already asked it and are asking it next…. so wait for it…. “what is 250 cc in motors?” Maybe you have even keyed it in on your browser….

Well, to answer it in plainest terms, cc basically stands for cubic centimeters or “cubic centimeter displacement”, to be more technical. All go karts go off of this and range in it, based on their motor and engine – transmission capacities, at the end of the day ( some offering 250 cc, some just 50 cc, some even 420 or higher cc, etc ) ….

Now, this GX270 I just mentioned, makes an excellent go kart motor if you are thinking in terms of most youth and adult go karts out there. Its Keyway Q SHAFT is well designed and rugged, yet elegant ; it can take a lot of use over time, without any real issues. It starts up by means of a 1 – inch shaft recoil that you simply yank on…. easy and user – friendly. It doesn’t get any better than that. And for gas fill – ups, you simply load at the top ( where you’ll see the white tank visibly ) …. super simple.