Go Kart Tires And Wheels Packages

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

GOLF KART KING ( a business that not only caters to golf – karts but can also sell parts and packages for go – karts, as well, by the way ) is one of the best I like to buy from. They are precise, punctual, efficient, somewhat affordable, and all in all, reliable. Not only are they so, but their product is as well. That’s a fact.

Now, I like to get these ( MODZ® 14” Assault Glossy Black Ball Mill - Lifted Tires and Wheels Combo (golfcartking.com) ) for certain larger models of go – karts and ATVs I own, and they work great. I put them right on as easy as I tie my shoes ( well, okay, maybe not that easily, but you get the point, he he he he heh ) . Right now there is a huge sale on them going on ( $843.95, as opposed to the usual MSRP of $1472 they typically sell at ) , so take advantage of it at your very earliest convenience! It’s a deal well – worth it, if you have the money to shell out ( so shell out those extra bucks ) .

Here, you get elegant 14 – inch wheels that come in a nice, dark – black sort of finish ( black all over, actually ) . The lifted tires on them weigh 50 lbs each and are made by MODZ. Nice.

If you want something a little similar, or to try something with a bit of a twist, then you could also check out the MODZ® 14” ASSAULT GLOSSY BLACK BALL MILL - LOWPRO STREET TIRE AND WHEELS COMBO ( seen right here, friend —- MODZ® 14” Assault Glossy Black Ball Mill - LowPro Street Tire and Wheels Combo (golfcartking.com) ) .

What I like about these, now, is the simple fact that they can offer you all the same basic specs but use non – lifted tires instead. Nice little twist, right? And get this — you only pay around $699.95 ( as opposed to the usual $1224+ that you’d normally pay ) if you get them on sale ( which by the way, they are right now on sale …. so click and order now if at all possible …. and no, I am not an affiliate marketer who gets a commission or anything, as I always tell people up – front …. I just like promoting products I really like and telling people, or writing, actually, about why I like them, he he he he heh ) .

You can even select your tire and pick out your lug nuts accordingly, if you order right on that link. Hurry. Time is a’ tickin. You ought to buy these before they run out and have to re – stock. There’s just a few limited quantities left, now as I write this! Maybe by the time you read this, they’re either gone ( or hopefully, they’ve re – stocked ) .