Sea-Doo Spark Fire Extinguisher

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

I like that if you go with Amazon Prime, for instance, you can get free 2 – day shipping on an extinguisher like this one, which is too good to talk about in words ( but I will try, nonetheless, he he he heh…. challenge accepted ) : FIRST ALERT Fire Extinguisher Personal Watercraft Fire Extinguisher, FE5R-PWCNA - -

This one is a great one, and in case you might have already posed the question, my answer is a sweet and glorious YES ( way ahead of ya, heh he he heh heh ) : It does work with your Sea – Doo, including with the Spark model, too. So why not get it in case you need to rapidly put out those flames ( which I do truly hope never has to happen, much less when in the water, but you never know, these days…. too much safety instruction and preparation are not a bad thing to have at all, either way ) ? Anyways, what I really, really, really enjoy here is that, when you want to quickly and easily test the pressure, and make sure that the right amount is ready for release, so to speak, this fire extinguisher I mentioned is ready for ya and made to take the worst of things. In a real emergency, this little guy will hold up well under the most severe of fires or fire threats, all in all —- and that is not all. As a matter of fact, let me further be the first to tell you that testing the pressure here is only easier than apple pie ( if you can imagine how easy it is to sit down, grab a fork, and eat a slice of apple pie, he he he heh, and I am sure you are getting hungry by now if you were not already ) —- all that you have to really do is push down on the button indicated on the device and its labeling. And if it just so happens to pop itself back out at ya, do not hit it with your bat ( in frustration, ha hah ) : that is actually a good sign and a clear indication that it is at full pressure and ready for action, God forbid you should ever need to use it to blast away at those malignant flames.

What else I like here? Well, since you so excitedly asked ( he heh, remember, I’m psychic and know your thoughts, or at least I like to think I am or blog in such a way as to make you both think and laugh, ha ha ha ) , it weighs under 3 lbs. As such, it is perhaps the lightest I’ve ever witnessed. And not only that, folks, but it also can work its magic at 10 – ft distance range perfectly, so you don’t need to get too close.