Ski-Doo Tunnel Bags

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you are serious about a tunnel bag, then you ought to check out a whole world of outlets that work for Ski – Doo, whether officially as their reps or not. So many places can get you good tunnel bags for all the snow mobiles that Ski – Doo makes. In fact, if I were to look up, then list every single one that I see, this page would never end, ha ha ha hah…. truth be fully told, as I like to say. But to spare your time, and to help you narrow down just a bit of useful info, and leave it at that, I’m going to keep this relatively short but sweet ( like soy sauce, he he he heh ) . Now, then, first off, try this tunnel bag Ski-Doo Tunnel Bag - SkiDoo Outlet.

It is relatively inexpensive ( $150, to me, for an investment on such a quality sport of snow mobiling, is really nothing to pay at all…. but some people may see it differently ) . It’s 16 inches all over, full dimensions, I mean ( 16 in X 16 in x 16 in, he heh ) . And it weighs under 10 pounds ( 8, to be precise, but I still gotcha there…. ha ha, barely under 10, so not bad at all…. just lug it over your shoulders to mount or un – mount or move ) . And guess what else? Like this part as much as I do, please —- it came out last year. It’s a 2020 design and model, so a very fairly new product, still, which still smells fresh and like a taste of what’s new and current. Get a good whiff.

You can get the same sort of tunnel bag – deal here, and all at the same price ( just the seller is a little different, but still a good seller ) —- Ski-Doo New OEM, 40 Liter Tunnel Bag With Compartment For Shovel, 860200824

And did I tell you that these bags are super user – friendly and can even hold about 10 gallons ( or 40 liters, in other words ) ? Well, I told you! Just now. He heh. And I am perhaps not even beginning to scratch the surface of how good this product really is…. so you ought to get a tunnel bag if you have every other kind of accessory for Ski – Doo, already ( haven’t got a tunnel bag yet? Seriously? Hmm… first time for everything ) .

If you have a Ski – Doo shovel, though, you’re a step ahead. And here is the reason why : These special Ski – Doo tunnel bags hold special compartments on the inside…. just for that shovel to go in to. Yup, so now that shovel has a special, ‘designated’ place to rest, you could say, he heh. Check it all out. Make the effort to buy.