Sea-Doo GTI

Popular for its ultimate stability and acceleration, Sea-Doo GTI is the best personal watercraft for a maximized rider experience. From optimum durability to generous storage space and a water-tight phone box, you get everything in the package.

Below, I’ve reviewed the Sea-Doo GTI with the two engine options available. Furthermore, I’ve compiled the specs and features in this article so that you can easily decide if it’s worth it or not.

Let’s find out what makes Sea-Doo GTI an amazing choice.

Sea-Doo GTI: Overview

This section covers almost everything important you should know about the jet ski. However, make sure to pay special attention to the engine as everything depends on its performance and capability.


Sea-Doo offers two engine options in the GTI lineup, including 90 HP 900 ACE™- 90 and 130 HP 1630 ACE™- 130. Both engines are naturally aspirated and come paired with D-Sea-BeI™ System exhaust.

If you are looking to experience thrilling speed, the 130 HP engine makes a better choice. However, it is a gas guzzler when compared to the 90HP motor.

On the other hand, the smaller motor has less acceleration, but you can still enjoy riding the jet ski at a reasonable speed. In addition, the 90 HP engine with 899CC displacement is more efficient and requires less fuel top-up than the 130 HP engine.


Sea-Doo GTI is a performance-oriented jet ski with impressive acceleration. The watercraft with a 90 HP engine accelerates quickly from 0 to 42 mph within 5.2 seconds, so hold the handlebar firmly.

The other engine option with 130 HP power has a top speed of 55.2 mph with full capacity. So if you ride the watercraft alone, expect it to be even faster.

iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) System

I loved the Intelligent Throttle Control as it makes maneuvering as easy as a breeze. Even if you leave the throttle, the jet ski keeps riding at slow speeds, which makes docking easier.

Built-in Riding Modes

You can quickly switch between touring Eco and Sport mode, depending on your requirement. In Eco mode, the jet ski returns better gas mileage, but when you choose the Sport mode, it unleashes the true performance of the Rotax motor.

The mode you choose gets displayed on the screen, and you can enjoy riding this stable jet ski.

Intelligent Brake and Reverse

The U.S. Coast Guard has recognized Sea-Doo for improving its boat safety. The GTI jet ski comes loaded with an iBR system that helps you stop the ski sooner without losing control. You can engage neutral, forward, or reverse gear quickly using the small lever, as shown in the image.

In a nutshell, the iBR system makes maneuvering easy even at lower speeds. The best part about the Sea-Doo GTI is that you get the iBR system in both options, the Sea-Doo GTI 90 and Sea-Doo GTI 130.

Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)

GTI uses liquid coolant to keep the engine from overheating, which means you can enjoy riding it for longer durations. In addition, the CLCS system helps in maintaining the optimal temperature for the engine, and that prolongs its lifespan as well.

Unlike other jet skis, this one doesn’t need water to cool the engine.

Larger Front Storage

Sea-Doo GTI offers plenty of storage, and you get a 40.2-gallon compartment to carry your gear. Now there’s no need to carry heavy dry bags on your back when you can transport all the gear using the jet ski.

What’s more? It has an air-tight phone compartment that protects your smartphone from splashes.

Ergolock Seating

The Ergolock™ Seating makes Sea-Doo GTI a bang for the buck. You’ll feel like the seat is a part of your body as it keeps you secure in place even at higher speeds. The optimized seating position makes it comfortable for both riders to enjoy riding on this watercraft.

Polytec Gen 2 Hull Material

The Polytec Gen 2 is a robust material that enhances the durability of this jet ski. Furthermore, it reduces wear and tear and curtails the chances of scratches while docking.

More Specs

Specs Sea-Doo GTI
Digital Display Yes
Music System Optional
Fuel Capacity 15.6 Gal / 60 L
Glove Box Storage 2.3 US Gal / 808 L
Weight Capacity 600 lb / 272 kg
Rider Capacity 3
Cargo System Quick-Attach LinQ Rear Cargo System

Pros and Cons: Sea-Doo GTI Jet Ski




Q: What fuel does Sea-Doo GTI use?

A: The manufacturer recommends 87 Octane fuel for maximum performance. You can refill the gas quickly by removing the seat.

Q: Does this jet ski have mirrors?

A: Yes, Sea-Doo GTI features two wide-angled rear-view mirrors so you can ride it with ease. The mirrors give you an ultra-wide view, and you can adjust them quickly.

Q: How fast does a GTI 90 go?

A: The top speed Sea-Doo claims is 42MPH with full capacity. If you ride the watercraft without any load, expect it to reach 45 MPH easily.

Conclusion: Is Sea-Doo GTI Worth Buying?

Sea-Doo GTI is surely a fantastic jet ski that promises decent speed, good gas mileage, and has almost every feature you need. Furthermore, the watercraft features a large swim platform, and that keeps it floating on the water no matter what.

Overall, you’ll have a great experience riding this jet ski, thanks to its amazing seat and bigger palm rests. Just make sure to choose the right engine option, and customize your jet ski if you need.

Got any questions about Sea-Doo GTI? Drop them in the comment section, and I’ll get back to you shortly.