Kawasaki KX450F

Author : Efrain Silva

Kawasaki KX450F

Hi guys (and gals)! Let’s talk about the Motocross Mudslinger, or as some prefer to call it, by its technical ‘real’ name, the Kawasaki KX450F, respectively. Perhaps you know that this bike was actually brought about by the success of the late and great Kawasaki brand, most notably, by means of its very first race team? No joke, for this alone, some call it the bike made for champions, building them up at the source of their true power….

In fact, and to only further add to the splendour, this bike only features the newest and most updated tech there is — it is smooth, graceful, and extremely potent in every way you can possibly imagine. Many races have been won with this bike, and that is a fact you can remember whenever you think about buying one for yourself or your BMX team. This one’s a proven winner, in many regards! Also, its engine is not only powerful, like a beast, but also very lightweight ; yes, you read this sentence correctly….it is, in fact, but light and loaded with power all at the same time.

The throttle is ready to go when you are (and perhaps a couple seconds sooner, too, I might add). Just push and roll with it. Get ready for the power!

Such innovation is what Kawasaki has been known to provide, time and time again, which has generated thousands of sales globally across many years of business. You’ve got 4 valves and 4 strokes on this one, and it’s all liquid - cooled, by the way. Besides that, there is a 449 cc capacity here, so this bike has got everything one can hope for.

This bike features many past models, as well, though the 2018 model was a bit slow in its release. Yet it got out and sold decently. You may also want to know that it sells for around $13,000 in new condition, if you choose to buy directly from the manufacturer itself, and not equating in sales tax. That’s not a bad bang for the buck, as they say.

Kawasaki KX450F

There is also the nice fact that it’s a dual - sport class type of motor bike, which is something so many avid fans of Kawasaki love to make the most out of. Plus, it’s a 94 - horse power one altogether (when you account in terms of 7,500 rpm or rotations per minute). Don’t forget that it’s got a wheelbase of 62 inches, all in all, as well as a quality - build single prolink shock in terms of its rear suspension. Now, that’s a bike you can bank on!

Plus, think of its frame type. It’s not my favorite, compared to other models, but it still adds value overall. We’re talking about a semi - double cradle made entirely of steel caliber here.

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to hit the dirt roads in style, like never before? Well, there is only one way to find out. Check out this bike and let us know your thoughts.