How To Carry Extra Fuel On A Motorcycle

How To Carry Extra Fuel On A Motorcycle

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you want my perfect little ‘how - to guide’ on how to make the most room on that bike while still revving it up and driving it around everywhere you think to go, then this might be the hot topic blog page you will want to stay on….stay right here. I beg you not to switch tabs or pages, at least just yet (but you can read some of my other posts in here, later, but not through skipping this very important one). I am about to share with you a world of wisdom, bit by bit, and hopefully open up the heavens for you….let the rays of truth and knowledge shine down on you from above. So let us get started so you can get the most know - how you can ever possibly get out of this, shall we not?

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We shall. Anyways, have you tried the most basic and down - to - earth approach, which so many bike riders tend to go with most easily? All you need is a basic tie - down or strap - down that works in conjunction with your bike and can easily secure what you need right to the back, as it sits behind you and does not interfere with your view or hinder any part of your driving - navigation. You can get all sorts of shapes and sizes, low and high prices, on products for this, right at the Home Depot. You can also shoot for Lowe’s and even give your Ace Hardware local store a shout if they are closer to you. Heck, even Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI and other similar brand places that people are obsessed over (“people” meaning mostly me, ha ha hah) to see if there is a deal in the works. And you can usually save big on summer season stuff if you get it during the winter season when you don’t need it —- no joke — and then just hold onto it until you do have need for it once more.

You can strap a quick petroleum can right to the back, as I mentioned, with this tie - down sort of approach. How about a nice, snug little 5 - L one while you are at it? Five litres will hold there, in place, nicely as you drive along. Or just get a tail - pack and put on nicely strapped on there…. There’s so many ways you can do it. How about something else you can try? Let me suggest an aux pack, otherwise referred to as an auxiliary pack, which goes in the back of the bike, too, once you’ve got the full setup for it (which is not hard to do either, if you ask many people who have one installed in there).

There’s a couple options. I hope you try one. Let me know! Just make sure to be as careful as you can when securing anything, avoiding it being loose in the back.