Sea-Doo Spark Gas Tank Size

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

All gas tanks in the Sea – Doo Spark family ( yes, I did say family, as there are several models to be made aware of, he he heh ) come with no less than a glorious 7.9 - gallon capacity. This is a little different from that of past Sea – Doo models as some previous owners have stated that their older models could actually go to a full 15.9 gallons, which was a bit impressive to think about too, but 7.9 is not bad at all if you ask me…. still plenty of gas for riding around. Suppose you were to go anywhere from 45 – 50 mph, for about 40 miles, let’s pretend, and you would still likely come back to your starting point having about a half tank of gas left ( if you’re engaging the full 90 HP, even, he he heh ) , assuming you are not burning through sport mode the entire time, in its accelerated speeds and functions, ha hah…. and yes, I know it would be tempting to do so, but let us be smart and conserve some gas…. at least enough for the ride back to base, he heh ( don’t want to be out of fuel and left stranded in the middle of nowhere, uncharted waters, no bueno at all, ha ha hah ) .

30 Liters, or 30 L, for those of you who prefer to measure your gas by liters instead, is what you are looking at. Yes, that is the US equivalent of 7.9 gallons. So repeat after me —- yes, that is a lot of gas to hold in a tank! Indeed it is, and it makes for some great riding, all in all….. and you can still cover plenty of distance. The weight capacity, in case you were also wondering to know, is 450 lbs. That means any one person or group of people weighing a total of that amount can still mount up on this bad boy and ride around on it…. just do not go over or you can tip. The greater the weight, of course, the more you can use up your gas quickly and the more it takes to keep your water – craft running on the water. So just keep that, too, in mind, guys.

What else? Well, did I even tell you the best part? The best part is, all in all ( or at least, it is the best part, according to me, he he he heh…. I respect varying opinions ) , that you can also store a good 7 gallons in the front bin itself. That is its max capacity. Not bad, you’re thinking? I agree : Not bad at all.

I bet you want to go out and ride for a bit, so I will let you go. Thanks for reading! Ride safely. And remember to bring some sun tan out there with you, for your skin!