PRAGA has a reputation for producing giant, reliable, safe slayers for the road as well as for the toughest racing tracks. And then we have their aircrafts flying high in the boundless skies.

PRAGA came into being in 1907 as a manufacturer of motor cars. Back in the beginning of the twentieth century, PRAGA was the car to own. PRAGA soon became the largest automobile company in the Czech Republic and also the classiest and most reliable engineering company.

It also began to produce high-quality gearboxes and aircraft equipment for the Czech military and aviation. Today, PRAGA is known as one of the largest and the best producers of racing cars, racing and rental karts, STOL aircraft, and also as the pioneer of road-legal race cars.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail the products and services PRAGA has to offer.

PRAGA Products and Services

PRAGA is the umbrella name for various engineering companies and collaborations throughout the world. PRAGA Motors represents both PRAGA cars and karts. PRAGA racing cars are manufactured by their wing called PRAGA cars.

These are known as the R1 racing cars line. At the same time, PRAGA karts are manufactured by their Italian brand called IPKarting. It also provides rental kart services to the Kart operators.

PRAGA aircraft’s services wing is actually a collaboration between PRAGA aviation and the ORBIS AVIA. Together, they have produced the famous SM92TE Alpha, a lightweight, low-cost, short takeoff and landing airplane with easy operation.


PRAGA is known for its racing cars. Three models are extremely popular and have been manufactured to serve diverse functions:

The project R1R marks the resumption of racing cars manufactured by PRAGA after they had stopped producing since 1947. It features the race-winning PRAGA technology and equipment along with the suspension system and driving control of a road car.

PRAGA R4S then came for the real racing rings. Lamborghini Gallardo provides the best lap time of 2:02, whereas the PRAGA R4S here features the best lap time of 01:59. From engineering to aerodynamics, the R4S range of PRAGA racing cars caters to all the possible needs of exceptional and the most demanding race car drivers in the world.

PRAGA R1 is the revolution in the racing cars industry, in fact, the amplified and improved version of any race-winning racing car you put your hands on.

It features the lightest carbon fiber chassis to provide excellent torque for smoothest corner steering, low maintenance costs, and the least tire wear.

The latest PRAGA R1 car, R1T EVO, is the safest and the fastest racing car with an optimal aerodynamic balance and the best lap time for any racing car.


PRAGA is a top dealer in racing karts and the rental karts business. PRAGA is home to four popular racing kart models:

Dragon Evo 2 has been manufactured for all kinds of racing kart drivers and features the lightest chassis with excellent kart racing technology. MINI, BABY, and DARK racing karts are meant for beginner kart drivers. DARK features the most high-end technology and the highest performance among the beginner kart lines.

Rental kart centers can also benefit from the rental kart lines of PRAGA. As it does with its other projects and services, PRAGA offers a complete, all-in-one service package to these rental kart operators. PRAGA designs and manufactures high-quality racing karts and provides tracks, safety equipment, and ongoing kart maintenance and support.

PRAGA Aircrafts

PRAGA Aviation company has been designing and manufacturing airframes for the Czech Republic’s military and general aviation aircraft since long ago. PRAGA Alpha is the name of aircraft engineering excellence. Alpha is a short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft with minimum runway and landing requirements. It has the capacity of 900 kgs of cargo and six passengers, which is amazing for a STOL aircraft. That is why it is called multi-purpose as well.

PRAGA Alpha features a powerful turbine engine, also called a turboprop engine. SM-92TE PRAGA Alpha is an all-metal, single-engine STOL lightweight aircraft with optimum user-friendliness, low maintenance, and easy operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRAGA has designed and manufactured the best automobiles, buses, agricultural machinery, and aircraft. It soon became one of Central Europe’s biggest automobile producers and a pioneer of manufacturing solution-driven engineering feats. Hence, PRAGA has massive expertise in this industry, which is why it is trusted for its cars, karts, and aircraft.

PRAGA R1T EVO was launched at Autosport International in 2018 and is the fastest PRAGA car yet developed. It features a 380 brake horsepower and the best lap time of 1:56.08.

PRAGA R1R is the first racing car manufactured with the speed and engine of a fast racing car and the safety and compatibility of a road car. That is how R1R makes the first ever road-legal race car.

The Bottom Line

PRAGA boasts an experience and expertise of almost 115 years in automobile engineering. Various PRAGA companies and collaborations are keeping up with the modern-day demands and regulations of racing cars, go-karts, and STOL aircraft.

Once, it was known as the producer of the classiest cars that would stay for a hundred years. And, today it is breaking records of speed and durability with its racing cars and karts.