Sodi SR5

The rental go kart that goes by the name of the Sodikart ( or SODI, in short, he he he he heh ) SR5 is not to be taken lightly …. it is, as a matter of fact, to be taken quite seriously if you really are, indeed, serious about style and class. And if you are serious about getting serious about your karting, then this model may be one that you should look into sooner ( rather than later, he he he he heh heh ) . It is, to me, worth my time and investment …. and now, even more so, it is worth writing about and sharing about. So let’s get started on that!

Now, first of all, I would like to make a plain and simple statement ( more of a declaration, if you will, he he heh ) —- no go kart is 100 % perfect or will fulfill your every need. They all lack something that other models have, and vice versa. However, with that very thought in mind, I would also like you to mull on this for a bit : We are getting only more and more ( and yes, even more, he heh ) scientifically and technologically advanced with every year that comes and goes ( and especially more so, since covid 19 has pushed us further into being globally digital like we never were before …. at a whole new level, to say the very least ) . This means that, one day soon, we very well may run into that perfect all – electric go kart, but until that day comes, let us keep enjoying what the makers roll out, and let us start with talking about the one and only SODI SR5, on that end, which comes with ( get this ) …. a 2 - D ( not just a 1 - D this time ) floor pedal that adjusts to your comforts.

If you like being able to have a nice full – floor covering, as well as plenty of space to move your legs and feet, all surrounded by quality metal body work and a solid exterior protection / cover, then you came to the right go kart. He heh … you sure did. And yes, you do get good coverage in the driver’s space when you are re – fueling, as well, since petrol projections ( God forbid they should make trouble for you, he he he he heh ) are really not a problem at all…. the designers here already thought of that and planned ahead, as such.

You will be covered, on that end, with this fully – covered, well – designed tank. So in a nut – shell, it’s easy to fuel and re – fuel. Simple, and comfortable, right? I’d concur.

The shock absorption is stellar, too. All in all, it’s a great model. Buy now, or save your money and get it for a special birthday / wedding / anniversary occasion.