Sea-Doo Spark Life Expectancy

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

You will be joyously surprised to find, my friends, that the 4 TEC Sea – Doo motor, all in all, has been properly branch tested and well surpassed the expected time, peaking out at about 3,000 hours. Now keep in mind that this is when routine maintenance is done, you have a quality check in place each time for issues, and all in all, you are taking superb care of your watercraft to make sure it is healthy and top – performing. But on the other hand, do keep in mind that if wear and tear is a big issue out where you ride, or it’s not the safest or clearest of waters, and you do NOT happen to keep a strict maintenance routine ( or any at all, for that matter, to be frank ) , then you can expect the wave runner watercraft to typically get a life of about 600 hours of use on the very low side of things. Try to avoid that, of course, and we know you will….

Now if you were using a 2 – stroke engine sort of watercraft ( which, thank God you are NOT, since the Spark is commonly known to be a 4 – stroke, unless someone up – tweaked a similar model, which would be a whole nother issue and one worth talking about later, perhaps ) , you would be told by manufacturers that you can get about a good 200 to 300 hours out of it, far less. But thankfully, that is not the case here, usually.

And if you want to get your engine to last even longer, and thus, the Spark as a whole, you ought to think about super – charging it with some max potential ‘extra hp’ or horsepower. And any expert that knows this sort of thing can help you out for a reasonable amount of money ( they tend to charge $100 per hour in labor, though, so make sure it is worth it and they give you an accurate quote starting off, he heh, or you could find yourself in for more than you even bargained for, in the first place ) .

If you can get it up to 310 hp, that might even be suitable, though it is extremely rare, and you would need a super expert to look into it and re – work a lot of things. But for so many jet ski users and watercraft lovers, the investment is not out of the question, he heh. You just have to really want it.

Anyways, you might want to make note of this fact as well ( and heck, even write it down, if you are really serious about ‘upping’ your game and making your Spark live longer ) : MOST people are reported to use their jet skis about 30 hours a year. That’s the average use. So in a year, you’ll still have plenty of life hours left.