Sodi Kidracer

If you wanted a kid kart ( well, for your kid, of course …. he he he he heh … not necessarily for the “kid” in you, he heh …. but nice try ) , then you might have just found the right one …. right here. The Sodikart Kid Racer is fantastic just for being its – self…. yup, it does not pretend to be another sort of electric go kart but truly one of a kind. For one, it is 100 % electric, so you get that feel of being immersed in something entirely digital and modernized ( the best of the best in today’s tech, so to speak ) , and some people simply go crazy for that sort of positive placebo effect feel. I know I sure like to drive around only the best … and only the latest. And since it’s my kid who can drive a go kart like this one, they can do no less the same … and I live such a pleasure and a joy ( a real adventure, of course ) through my kid ; they drive this go kart around and have some fun, and I, in turn, am the happiest man in the world.

Now, then, I would also like you all to know that this little go kart prides itself in being pollution – free … and I do mean fully. That is how, at least, the sellers of it are marketing it off as ( and they make sure to let you know, no less the same …. that means carbon emissions and other CO2 assailants should not be problems for you here, and you can feel great in knowing you are investing in an eco – friendly, all – electric go kart of the future here, can you not? ) .

Now when it comes down to ages allowed to drive it, I would like to let you know that it’s typically made for any 3 – year – old to 6 – year – old kid, those right in that perfect little “budding age” …. who seek that child – hood hobby that is going to help them develop as people and truly push their intelligence ( and sense of fun, of course ) to the next levels. Comfy acceleration and stops that are more linear in nature … that is what your child will get here through this go kart, a perfect first – timers’ learning experience.

The auto brake ( or automatic brake, as some more technically prefer to call it, officially …. he he he he heh ) that comes with it can even let your kid learn for himself / herself how, when, where and why to best stop …. even ahead of time, through its emergency stop feature that’s connected to it all. Basically, when they lift their foot off the gas pedal, the auto brake kicks in that very second ( nice, right? I kind of wish some actual cars had this ) .