Sodi Kart

With rigorous racing standards, go-kart manufacturers have continually attempted to push the limits of go-kart racing. The discipline of go-karting has constantly progressed. It has evolved from new and better frames to unique aerodynamic characteristics and safer construction.

One company that has been at the pinnacle of kart racing is Sodi Kart. They have a long and illustrious history filled with accomplishments. And Sodi is among the most well-known karting manufacturers. They also have a stronghold on the rental kart market.

But what made Sodi Kart so successful? What is the secret behind their fantastic race products? Read on to discover the intricacies of the Sodi Kart and the race karts that this brand has to offer.

Sodi Kart: A Brief History

When compared to its competitors, Sodi Kart is a comparatively new kart manufacturer. As a result, it is a part of the newer generation of kart producers. That isn’t an excuse for them to remain on the sidelines and observe the more established firms prevail.

They began competing in national karting championships in France barely a year after its founding. Sodi Kart is an incredibly forward-thinking corporation. This is evident from their continuous developments over the years.

Sodi started manufacturing rental and racing karts at total capacity in 1991. The corporation, however, took an unusual turn in 1993. They decided to concentrate all of their efforts on producing rental karts and stopped making racing karts.

This strategy was used to raise finances for the company’s future. This plan paid off well in 1998 when they constructed a whole new plant. Sodi Kart was able to go into a high-tech manufacturing mode due to this.

Sodi made a comeback to kart racing in 2003. It didn’t take long for them to return to their winning ways. They made a remarkable return after a ten-year absence from racing and quickly won two vice championships in World Title karting. And they never looked back!

The Products Offered By Sodi Kart:

Sodi RT10:

The RT10 provides unrivaled driving comfort thanks to its unique proprietary technology. This development is the product of decades of experience. The main contributor to RT10 is Sodi’s R&D team.

Moreover, the essential terms of this invention are sharpness in the bends, steering ease, and enjoyment. This will alter the riding experience of both novice and seasoned users.

The SODI RT10 combines enjoyment and comfort with safety thanks to its new adjustable pedals built for rider comfort. It comes with innovative integrated slide protections, a new seat adjustment system, gimbal steering, and many other improvements.

The technical advancements are enhanced with a new integrated exterior. It comes with a new F1-style Nassau panel. Due to the multiple replaceable bodywork sections, this revolutionary exterior makes kart maintenance easier.

You may customize the new SODI RT10 with the two possible Nassau panels. You can also remove the front panniers for a more aggressive appearance.

Main features:

Sodi RSX2:

The Sodi RSX2 is the new industry standard for electric karts. This machine integrates Sodikart’s most recent technical and electrical advancements.

The Sodi RSX2 has improved power and independence of one hour at average speed. This is possible due to a redesigned engine. Moreover, the new engine is quieter than its ancestor and the latest generation of battery packs.

The new synchronized motor has an interconnected power control. The ergonomics of the RSX2 feature a seat and driving column modification system. This system makes it simple to customize the riding posture.

All drivers will enjoy its innovative and contemporary design coupled with the F1 directing column. The Sodi RSX2 is the industry’s most efficient, dependable, and profitable new-gen electric kart.

Main features:

KZ Sigma:

If you were to get your own Sodi kart, the KZ Sigma is the one you’d most likely look at. Due to the apparent years of intensive research, Sodi came up with something unique.

This chassis is the product of inputs from scores of Sodi drivers all across the globe. The company used the comments from various Championship drivers to build this new chassis. So you know you’re getting World Championship performance when you purchase it.

A few of the chassis’ innovative capabilities are rather creative. Its front suspension is completely reconditioned. Moreover, it offers the option of four alternative configuration options.

The Excentric Capsules have been upgraded as well. This makes it simple to alter the ride height. In addition, this kart has a new guiding rod. It gives you greater control over your kart.

Karting professionals and champions all over the globe have favored the Sodi Sigma chassis. Over years of successful racing, Sodi’s chassis has been thoroughly tested and validated. With this chassis, your experience will only get better.

Main features:

Final Thoughts

Sodi Karts has shown a serious commitment to the karting sector by paying close attention to the karts’ characteristics. That is why it has had such a successful karting career so far.

Their racing chassis is exceptional and capable of competing with any of the greatest karting brands on the market. The products given above are just a glimpse of what this company can produce.


Yes, Sodi Karts have a separate series for rental motor vehicles. It includes both professional and kid race karts.

Some new chassis given by Sodi Karts are:

Is There A Section For Kids In Sodi Karts?

Yes, Sodi Kidracer is ideal for children. It has a special design that focuses on kids. So, whether you want to indulge in professional racing or want some enjoyment with karting, Sodi Kart provides everything you can need.