How Do I Choose A Go-Kart Tire?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Choosing the right go – kart tire, at the time you decide to do so, can be just as hard as choosing the right bike ( or heck, even car ) tire. You have to think about a lot of things and decide what can be the thing ( and features ) you need the most, at the given time. Do not rush any decision, I always say ; it is best to do your research ahead of time and be prepared to say “no” until you find the right model and brand for your go – kart ( even when certain pesky sales people can tend to try to push a decision on you right away or ask you to buy from them right on the spot, without thinking it through all the way ) .

Now, then, I would like you to grasp this next fact and to never forget it. The fact is this : Qualified places with real trained experts ( places like the Kart Parts Depot, among many others, for instance ) can definitely advise you on the best wheels for your specific model. What they will consider first of all ( and sometimes even more than anything else, as a matter of fact, he he he he heh ) is the factor of size …. yes, the very size of those tires sure does make a whole world of difference here. For example, suppose this is your tire size : 10 x 4.50 x 5. To break this down and understand what you need, start with that very final number listed ( which is 5 ) . This number plainly tells you the basic diameter, in terms of the wheel on which you will mount your tire. So since it’s the number 5, in this case, you are looking at a 5 – inch wheel, all in all.

Now, next, go back to that very first number, which is the 2nd number you’ll need to examine. In this case, it’s 10, which means that’s your total tire diameter. So in other words, your tire is a full 10 inches in diameter … simple, right? Next, we have 4.50, which, last but not least, is the number we see in the very middle. Still with me? ( I hope I haven’t lost ya at any point up til now, he he he he he heh ) ….

Now, this 4.50 is basically your tire width ( once more, accounted for in metrics of inches, of course ) . This basically tells you how wide the wheel can be ( the wheel that you can use, silly ) ….

They measure that width from one inside bead to another, carefully. The measurement is accurate. Trust in whatever number’s listed there. The makers have usually taken extra special pre – cautions to provide the most precise measurements, at the end of the day. Count on their expertise.