Why Are Boat Engines So Unreliable?

Author : Efrain Silva

Why Are Boat Engines So Unreliable?

Why is it, you may wonder, that the everyday boat engine is so unreliable and in so many ways? What it all comes down to, my friend (and research has backed this, time and time again) is the issue of poor care and maintenance, on behalf of the owner. It is a true fact that most people, in the time we live in, are far too busy and have little of their time to give to anything else besides work, their few nearby relationships, and paying those bills. Very many people, more than what most imagine, own boats and then neglect their care — they either never find the time to take care of the engine and its other parts or they simply forget to.

During most of our free time, those of us who own boats — let us be 100 % perfectly honest here — prefer to spend that free time riding on them and driving them around from place to place. And free time, these days, is very little and must be handled wisely. No one wants to offer maintenance to their boat during their one free day of the week that they are given ; they mostly prefer to actually use the boat and go see a nice little getaway spot or something like that. Who wants to get their hands dirty on their day off? I know that I sure don’t.

But of course, the more we take care of something and prove ourselves as reliable to it, whatever that thing might be, the more it will, as a result, be reliable to us when we need it. Some know this case of cause and effect quite well ; it applies to all the areas of life. So when people ask, mostly, which boat engines are so unreliable, indeed, the majority of experts and other blog posts online still attribute the same response : It comes from a bad omen of neglect on the part of the boat’s owner. It’s a simple issue.

And when it comes down to those who do get disciplined and realize their need for some maintenance or cleaning required on that one day off, they, for the most part, take advantage of that free day to go work on their car, clean their home or do something else that takes up the most urgent of priorities. Checking that one’s boat engine is still up to date and could use a fix, or swap out, altogether, seems to be last on the list of urgencies. And this makes perfect sense, when thought out like this, from a logical point of view.

A good boat engine can get you a lifetime of up to 5,000 miles, as experts note. So when you get a new boat or new engine, start tracking the mileage somehow. And remember to make yourself an alert or a reminder to clean up your boat and maintain it, especially its engine, often. For that is one of its most crucial parts, that keeps everything running.