Sea-Doo Spark Unlock Sport Mode

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You have been thinking about unlocking sport mode, for the next time that you ride the waves. But you are not sure how. Well, no worry — expert Efrain Silva is here to talk your ears off on some things to note. The first thing I want to mention is just that one of the best ways to unlock the sport mode would be to put your dime and dollar down, as they say, on one of these sick, bad boys —- 2014-21 Sea Doo Spark UNLOCK SPORT MODE 90HP Seadoo 2UP Reflash ECU - eBay

It is made just for that ; it lives and breathes for its very purpose in life, which is to help you get to sport mode just a little faster. Now keep in mind that 90 HP or horse – power is also the way to get there…. you will have a hard time unlocking sport mode if you happen to have anything less on your Spark ( which would mean that it is time for an upgrade, he he he heh ) . And I guess the reason that the manufacturers did this was as a safety precaution and to ensure that not everyone engages sport mode but only those who are prepared and serious in their horse – power, having enough power and drive to take on those waters in true style. Any less horse – power, now that I think about it, could actually pose a hazard and a risk in numerous ways. But anyhow….

There are also many other company brands and sellers willing to unlock the sport mode so all you have to do is take your ECU to them. Another seller I like is found right here — RaceLab

Food for thought. Now, to get the sport mode to come on, and really UNLOCK the fun of it all, he heh, all that you have to do is to hold down that red button seen on your left display for like 3 seconds —- and voila —- you will hear a beep. Press down that same button for another second, and now you are in sport mode. How will you be sure that you are now in sport mode, you may be asking? Well, if you happened to hear that beep, then you can rest assured. That first and second beep, all in all, was a part of the process.

The beep is rapid, so you will hear it fast, but do not be alarmed. Anyways, once you are in sport mode, the Spark will then also “talk” and tell you to basically hang on since you have entered an accelerated mode — and that is where the real fun begins.

Now, I hope that this has been as much fun for you to read as it has been for me to write, if not more. If so, please share your thoughts.